NB Rotary Corn Roast NEXT Monday!

On August 20th,  the North Baltimore Rotary Club will be celebrating their 73rd Annual Rotary Corn Roast. The PUBLIC IS INVITED!


Join us for our 73rd Annual Corn Roast!
Monday, August 20, at the North Baltimore
American Legion Post 539
539 East South Street • North Baltimore, OH 45872

$15 Pre-Sale / $20 at the door

All Proceeds Benefit Rotary Community Efforts

Activities Include:

Guest Speaker:
Terry Wymer – 2018 Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee & NCAA Final Four Referee

50/50 Raffle • Catering from City BBQ

Registration and social time from 5:30 – 6:20p.m.

All you can eat dinner at 6:30p.m.

Includes sweet corn and homemade pies!

Tickets are available from any Rotarian. Try Miller Ins. (Dennis), The NB School Board Office (Ryan), Briar Hill Health Campus Main Office (Stephanie), Kelley Chevrolet (John Kelley) – there are probably others!

Custom Cuts – From the Farm to the Freezer

We’ll custom cut whatever you want!!!

$1.00 per lb. OFF All Freezer Steaks
– While they last! –
ALL are USDA Choice!
-Ribeyes – T-Bone – Top Sirloin –
– Porthouse – N. Y. Strip –

NEW –  3 – 1# Bacon Burgers
>>> with REAL Bacon! <<<
– $5.69# –

MORE NEW Items for you to ENJOY!!!
Stuffed Chicken Breasts – $3.49
Stuffed Boneless Pork Chops – $4.49

Ground Fresh Daily
– 85% Lean Ground Beef –

Frozen Ground Beef Patties
85% LEAN
– Half-pounders
– Third-pounders
– Quarter-pounders
– 6 to 1 burgers
(perfect for the kids or DOUBLE BURGERS!)

Boneless Pork Chops – $3.99#
Pork Steak – $2.79#
Spare Ribs Beef OR Pork – $2.99#
1# pks of Whole Hog Sausage – $3.29#
Western Style Pork Ribs – $3.99#

Walnut Creek Natural Casing Hot Dogs – $5.99#
Harlans B-B-Q Rub – $6.49
Rudys Famous Chili Dog Sauce – $4

Walnut Creek Deli Cheeses
Colby – Swiss – Pepper Jack – Co-Jack

includes 6 each:
8 oz. N. Y. Strip Steak
Brats – 6 Boneless Chops
Chicken Leg Quarters
1/3 pounder 85% lean burger patties
all for only $59!!!

We accept EBT Debit and Credit





Monday is the beginning of National Health Center Week

The Wood County Health Department will celebrate with special event and contest

BOWLING GREEN — Wood County Health Department is celebrating the Wood County Community Health Center during National Health Center Week.

Wood County Community Health Center, one division of the health department, is being recognized for the services provided to the community during National Health Center Week. Primary care, reproductive health, behavioral health and an onsite pharmacy are just a few services offered at the health center. No one is turned away because of income level or insurance status.

During National Health Center Week last year, the Community Health Center won the title of Ultimate Health Center Champions by popular vote. The health center is defending its title in the Featherweight Division this year through voting that runs until Aug. 17. You can vote once per day by visiting https://www.ohiochc.org/page/champs.

The Community Health Center, in collaboration with the Health Promotion and Preparedness Division of Wood County Health Department, will host an event Tuesday titled “Healthy Beginnings, Healthy Lifestyles: A community-wide fight against childhood obesity.” Speakers attending are Health Commissioner Ben Batey; Certified Family Nurse Practitioner Katherine Barricklow and Behavioral Health Specialist Fran Leass from Wood County Community Health Center; Nutritionist Lauren Snyder from Wood County WIC; and Dr. Melissa Moore from Wood County Medical Associates. Topics will include the effects of trauma during early childhood, fitness, nutrition, the negative impact of obesity on the body and Community Health Assessment data. Community leaders have been invited to come and gather information to share.

For more information about Wood County Community Health Center, call 419-354-9049, visit WCHealthCenter.org or check out WCHealthCenter on Facebook.

The mission of Wood County Health Department is to prevent disease, promote healthy lifestyles and protect the health of everyone in Wood County. Our Community Health Center provides comprehensive medical services for men, women and children. We welcome all patients, including uninsured or underinsured clients, regardless of their ability to pay, and we accept most third-party insurance. For more information, visit WoodCountyHealth.org

Wood County Ag-Venture

A Self-Driving Farm Tour throughout Wood County….

BOWLING GREEN, Ohio  –  Agriculture is a vital industry in Wood County. Fields of corn, soybeans, and wheat are seen as we drive through the county or even in our own backyards, yet we know little of how the products are grown and what they are used for.  Products found on the store shelves are made from local products from local farms.


Saturday, September 15, 2018 from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m., the Wood Soil and Water Conservation District is partnering with county organizations and businesses to host a Wood County AG-Venture Self-Driving Farm Tour.  Local agriculture industry leaders are opening their homes and businesses throughout Wood County to highlight Ohio’s #1 Industry – agriculture.


Visit the stops through-out the day at your own pace to sit in farm equipment, pet farm animals, talk to farmers, and taste some farm food, and learn what agriculture is in Wood County.

The Ag-Venture stops include:

Vetter Family Farms, 19604 Mercer Rd., Bowling Green, OH 43402
Hirzel Canning, 411 Lemoyne Rd., Northwood, OH 43619
Luckey Farmers, 11330 Avenue Rd., Perrysburg, OH 43551
Moser Farms, 24062 Hull Prairie Rd., Perrysburg, OH 43551
Pioneer Seed, 15180 Henry Wood County Rd., Grand Rapids, OH 43522
Schooner Farmers, 14890 Otsego Pike, Weston, OH 43569
Black Swamp Ag, 12057 Mitchell Rd., Bowling Green, OH 43402


Follow Wood County Ag-Venture on Facebook to learn more about the Ag-Venture.  Visit www.woodswcd.com/a-venture to find a printable map. Contact the Wood Soil and Water Conservation with questions at 419-354-5517.

NB Mayor & Council Searching for New Police Chief

Baer stated, “I have been honored to work with the men and women of NB PD, and the citizens have been great! I am proud of NB PD and the town.”

Allan Baer, Police Chief for the Village of North Baltimore for 11 years, has tendered his 2-week notice…

Cheif Baer chats with Pat and Junior Haynes at Safety Day in 2016.

Baer has accepted a position in Lucas County. He will remain in the village, for the time being, however, he does have family in Perrysburg.

Baer started in NB on Nov. 1, 2007, as interim police chief in place of longtime village Chief Gerald Perry, who had been suspended with pay pending an internal investigation. Perry later entered into a separation agreement with the council and resigned. Baer was subsequently named full-time chief, Jan. 31, 2008.

During his tenure in NB, Baer brought stability and professionalism to the department, being active and involved in the community, instituting several programs and upgrading equipment, along with NB PD becoming known as a training ground for new officers looking for on-the-job experience and a way to move up the law enforcement career ladder. Approximately 37 officers have earned work experience on the street of North Baltimore over the past decade.

Baer stated, “I have been honored to work with the men and women of NB PD, and the citizens have been great! I am proud of NB PD and the town.”

Baer has worked with three mayors while at NB PD, Ned Sponslor, Mike Julien, and current mayor Janet Goldner.

Baer was instrumental in bringing SRO (School Resource Officer) to NB schools, along with Public Safety Day. Baer sits on the Wood County Alcohol Drug Addiction Services Board (ADAMHS) working toward getting more service in southern Wood County. He also improved NB PD’s communications with Fire and EMS, Wood County, as well as with state and federal agencies.

TheNBXpress says “Thank You Chief Baer!”  We wish the chief safety and protection in his new position!

Troop 315 August Newsletter

Awards Picnic this Sunday…

The Good Ole Summertime fest was a huge success,  The troop made $2050.00 profit after expenses.  Thank you to all parents and scouts who helped.  These fundraisers help the troop and the scout accounts.  For our new parents.  All fundraisers that earn more than $250.00 get split in half.  Half troop account and Half Scout accounts.  This allows us to pay for cabins, patches, recharter fees and other scout needs.  The scout accounts allow each scout to earn their share of trips, and uniform needs.  I’ve included pics of Bob Latta stopping by for a brat. 
August 5 Sunday @ 5:00 pm Awards Picnic at Shelter House 3 by Football Field,  Potluck w/ hamburgers and hotdogs.  Wear your class A uniform for the ceremony.  We have a new Senior Patrol Leader to announce as well as new leadership among the patrols. 
August 10-12  Mansfield Reformatory– Includes Crime prevention Merit badge.  We will leave  Scout House at 6:00 pm Friday night.  Cost $10.00.  Bring tents, mess kits, camping supplies and your class A uniform shirt.  We will tour the prison Saturday and then off to the Sheriff’s office for a merit badge.  Here is the menu for the event.
        Friday night   Hot dogs / chips/ cookies
        Saturday Breakfast    Mountain man breakfast
        Saturday Lunch       Cold cut subs / chips / cookies at the reformatory
        Saturday  Supper     Stew
        Sunday Breakfast    doughnuts / juice/ milk
Here is the grocery list thus far.  There are 3 items left sausage, turkey, and tater tots.  Let me know
2 pack 30 ct hot dogs BOYCE
8 packs Hot Dog Buns  BOWLING
3 bags chips asst.VANLERBERG  
3 Packages of off brand sandwich cookies CLAYTON
5 bags tater tots  frozen
1 big family bag cheese fiesta CLAYTON
1 onion BOES
2 bag precooked frozen sausages links or patty
6 paks hamburger buns VANLERBERG
1 lettuce head BOWLING
3 tomatoes BOWLING
2 36 ct cheese slice BOWLING
2 lbs sliced or chipped ham GREEN
2 lbs sliced or chipped turkey
5 packs little Debbie doughnuts MOWERY
5 More packs little Debbie doughnuts MOWERY
eggs  BOES
Milk  BOES
Juice BOES
Stew fixins  BOES
August 18 Saturday, 2:00pm @ American Legion… Damon Dotson Eagle Ceremony… Class A uniforms.  this is the highest rank for scouting.  All are encouraged to attend.
August 20, Monday   5:00pm – 7:00pm .  School Open house.  We set up a recruitment table at Powell along with the Cub Scouts.  Any scout who is attending 5th or 6th grade is asked to wear his Class A and spend some time at our booth after he’s done with Meet & Greet with his teachers. 
September 7-9   Bloomdale recruitment camp in village We have been asked to assist Troop 337 Bloomdale, in an effort to grow their troop.  The Village in inviting youth to participate in this camp.  There is no cost and all food is provided.  There will be an outside movie and we will set up our 1950’s tents and wear our class A’s on Saturday.  Games, scout craft cooking and all sorts of fun to be had that weekend.  Let me know if you can attend


Shawn Benjamin

Surge in Japanese Beetles to Dissipate

Those uninvited summer guests that ate much more than expected are on their way out.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Those uninvited summer guests that ate much more than expected are on their way out.

It’s not unusual to spot Japanese beetles in June and July, but the number of them was much higher this summer with outbreaks in Cincinnati, Dayton and Columbus as well as in northeast Ohio, said Joe Boggs, an entomologist with Ohio State University Extension. OSU Extension is the outreach arm of the College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES) at The Ohio State University.

Though Japanese beetles typically thrive on the leaves of linden trees, grape vines and roses, this summer, they branched out, devouring other plants in Ohio including scotch pine and jewelweed.

“Sometimes during outbreaks, they’ll feed on strange things,” Boggs said.

First introduced into the United States in 1916, Japanese beetles seem to have had a resurgence in Ohio during the last three summers, he said. But the populations still do not come close to what Ohio experienced in the 1960s and 1970s, Boggs said.

“Then there were so many beetles, it drove people out of parks.”

At that time, Japanese beetles had no natural enemies. Since then diseases as well as predators, including parasitoid wasps, have caught up with them and helped curb the number of the pests.

After flying to a plant, Japanese beetles send out pheromones, chemicals that once released into the environment, trigger other Japanese beetles to respond to the apparent message of: Free Food.

Then they’ll swarm a plant, munching until the leaves appear skeletonized.

“They’re almost like toddlers,” said Andy Michel, an entomology associate professor in CFAES. “On any given day, you don’t know what they’re going to like to eat.”

One woman who visited a Dayton suburb and later contacted Michel, observed how virtually all of the linden trees in the area were reduced to lacey leaves and referred to it as a “plague.”

With their iridescent copper bodies and green heads, Japanese beetles can be easy to spot, but hard to get rid of.

Flicking them away with your fingers doesn’t always work because they generally return. About the only way to keep them off plants without using pesticides, is to pull them and dunk them into a container of soapy water, Michel said.

In a field of crops, Japanese beetles most often gravitate to the edges. They don’t generally do enough damage to reduce the yield on soybeans and corn, he said.

On a soybean plant, even if they remove the leaves at the top, as long as sun can filter down to the lower leaves, the plant can still perform photosynthesis and remain healthy. For commercial soybean growers, a pesticide isn’t necessary unless about 30 percent of each leaf is gone on the majority of the plant before it has flowered or 20 percent after it has flowered, Michel said.

A pesticide may also be necessary on corn plants if the beetles eat the silk of corn, leaving less than a half inch, or if the beetles are numerous and feeding while fewer than half of the corn plants have been pollinated, he said.

Whatever damage they may have done, Japanese beetle populations are significantly decreasing now as they tend to do in late July and August.

“So if we have good growing conditions and the plant can put on new growth, you might save yourself a spray,” Michel said.

NB Custom Cuts Steak Sale – July 31

$1.00 per lb. OFF ALL FREEZER STEAKS – (while they last) – All are USDA CHOICE – Ribeyes – Porterhouse – T- Bone – N. Y. Strip – Top Sirloin

Senior Citizen Tuesday – Today – 10% OFF

(while they last)
Ribeyes – Porterhouse – T- Bone – N. Y. Strip – Top Sirloin

Ground Fresh Daily – 85% Lean Ground Beef – $4.79#

Ground Beef Patties – 85% lean
 – half pounders/third pounders/quarter pounders and 6 to 1 pounders

Beef Spare Ribs – $2.99#

6 each – 8 oz. N. Y. Strip – Brats – Boneless Chops – Leg Quarters – 3 to 1 Gr. Beef Patties

BRATS – $1.50 each
Choose from:
Regular – Cheddar – Chicken – Pepper Jack – Bahama Mama

1# packages Whole Hog Sausage – $3.29#
Italian Sausage – $3.59#

Hickory Smoked SLAB Bacon
– Sliced YOUR way! – $5.99#

Pork Spare Ribs – $2.99#
Assorted Bone-In Pork Chops – $2.29#
Boneless Pork Chops – $3.99#
Pork Steak – $2.79#

All Natural Boneless Chicken Breats – $2.89#
All Natural Leg Quarters – $.99¢

Walnut Creek Casing Hot Dogs – $5.99#
Harlan’s Famous B-B-Q Rub – $7.59

Rudy’s Famous Hot Dog Sauce – $4.00

We accept:  Credit – Debit – EBT

NB GOST 2018 Line-Up

Come one come all!! Full day of fun, food, music and activities for the entire family!

From North Baltimore Chamber of Commerce President and Co-Chair of North Baltimore’s Good Old Summertime Day 2018 – Here is the line-up for the day!

Come one come all!! Full day of fun, food, music and activities for the entire family!

8 am – 5k Race

8 am – Golf Scramble for NBHS Alumni Scholarship fund

9 am – Flag Ceremony and general announcements

10 am – Big Wheel Races – MACU lot

Beer Tent will be operating throughout the day and evening

10 am – Car Show starts on North Main Street

11:15 am – NBHS March Band performance – near the Main Stage (MACU parking lot)

12 – 5 pm – Flower Show at Wolf Community Room at the Library

12 – 3  pm – “Kids Fun Zone” on the NB Library yard

1:00 pm – NBHS Improv Troupe performance – Main Stage

1 – 6 – BINGO at the Fire Hall

Children’s rides located on South Main Street

Flea Market all, as well as food vendors

10:45 – Pet Show near the gazebo

9:45 – Cooper Tire Adult Tricycle Race

Military Vehicle Display on State Street

Outstanding Musical Entertainment Line-Up:

2:30 pm East of Cheyenne (local band)

5:00 pm John King (Nashville recording artist)

7:00 pm Sean Williams (Hometown artist)

10:00 – midnight – Tongue N Groove (NWO Band)

Last but not least, the annual fireworks show at the Village Park, at dark, approximately 10 pm.


GOST activities are subject to changes and weather conditions