August Troop 315 Newsletter

Big plans for the scouts for GOST and the rest of the summer!


August Troop 315 Newsletter
Pictures are Rafting in 2018
Scouts;  We are very blessed at all the things our town and troop  represent.  At the end of every newsletter, I end with a quote from our founder Robert Baden Powell,  I do this to show that the basics in scouting are meant to have our boys grow up into productive , fine citizens who can pay it forward , showing the next generation of scouts the same courtesy that was shown them.  
Planning every meeting, every camp or outing is an exciting opportunity to work with each other to see everyone’s likes or dislikes and deliver a program that has our troop large and solid.  Your youth leaders are passing the torch to all the newest of scouts and for that , I am very proud of all of you.  That’s what makes the adults who support and participate wanting to volunteer .
Now that the pep talk is done.  I am happy all our leaders and parents are coming together at the Festival.  Hard work will pay off.  We do very well .
Reminder Festival workers schedule
Friday Setup
6:00 – 8:00    Kale & Fam & Aaron B. Fam & Vanlerbergs, Kline Fam.
10:00 – 12:oopm  Joseph Fam & Boden Fam, Cole C & Fam & Isaiab B. Fam
12:00 – 2:00pm    Cole C. & Fam, Daniel Fam & Josh Fam & Jordan C.Fam
2:00 – 4:00pm  Joseph Fam & Boden Fam & Isaiah B Fam & Zack T.
4:00pm – 6:00pm Zack, Skyler L Fam, Jayden F & Fam & Billy T & Fam
6:00pm – 8:00pm  Skyler L, Rhys W. & Fam, & Jackman Fam.Jesse , Levi, Noah & Fam ?
8:00pm – teardown  J Coup Fam & Aaron B. Fam & Skyler L.
August 5-7  We’re Ready,  White Water Rafting
Bring spending money for 2 meals and souvenirs.  Tent, Sleeping bag,  Water shoes or grubbys to get wet,  They do have a shower house and swimming pool.  
9:00am   Meet as scouthouse and pack trailers
9:30am   Depart to Pennsylvania
12:00pm  lunch in travel
3 – 4pm  arrive at Benners campsite
              we will set up camp, cook supper, swim and settle in for the evening
8:00am  Go to Cantina for breakfast
9:00am   Rafting on Middle Yough , Lunch on the river
3:00pm   return to base and sight see till supper
6:00pm  supper at Cantina
7:00pm   Back to camp
8:00am  Breakfast at cantina
9:00am  breakdown camp at Benners and depart
12:00pm  lunch in travel
4:30ish  should be back to N.B.
Pemberville Free fair August 12- 15.  We are in charge of trash detail, on tractors and emptying cans throughout the day.  If I missed your sign up email.  Refresh my memory,.  Thanks,  We will need some parents to drive tractors during the event
Thursday 5 pm to 8pm
Friday  5pm to 9pm
Sat 12 – 4pm /  5pm – 9pm
Sunday  11 – 3pm & 3 – 7pm.
So Far            Friday 5-9   Boden & Joe
                       Saturday  12-4  Boden & Joe
                       Sunday 11-3  Skyler & Zack L.
August 21.  Cannon painting.
Although I haven’t heard since the Legion had asked.  There is a community service project penciled in for that Saturday where we will help renew the cannon at New Maplewood cemetery.  I’ll hopefully know more as they give me updates. Looking forward, The village also asked for us to paint fire hydrants so as this info gets to me I’ll let you all know
August 22.  PLC meeting
Scouts, your youth leadership will need to sit down and come up with the calendar of events for this year.  This need to happen so the , Then adult committee can approve and discuss program, finances, and membership at its meeting.  
Committee meeting
It’s been some time since we had one of these but adults who are registered need to schedule a meeting in early September for the items listed in the PLC meeting.  I’ll discuss with Mike Julien on a date for that. 
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
“Life would pall if it were all sugar; salt is bitter if taken by itself; but when tasted as part of the dish, it savours the meat. Difficulties are the salt of life.”
Shawn Benjamin

Rides Again Coming to GOST > NEW Location

D & D Amusement’s and Putting … coming to GOST for many years now!


GOST 2021 featuring D & D Amusement’s and Putting … coming to GOST for many years now!
Rides will be located on the north side of the CSX RR Tracks…in the
Village of North Baltimore parking lot and onto N Main St.
Ponies rides will be located in front of the Virginia Theatre.
The amusement rides are very popular (GOST 2016 photo by JP Miklovic).

Boys Scouts Will Have Breakfast & Sandwich Food Stand GOST

Breakfast served 730 to 1030 am.

Local Boy Scout Troop #315 and Troop #337 will have a FOOD STAND at the Good Ole Summertime fest in front of the Fire Station.

Stop by and support your local troops. Thank You.

Breakfast will be served from 730am to 1030 am. Breakfast Sandwich and Biscuits and Gravy are on the menu.

With Burgers, Hotdogs and Shredded Chicken sndwiches after that…

Cub Scouts & Gleaners G.O.S.T. Bingo 2021

G.O.S.T. Bingo (1:00 pm to 6:00 pm) Prizes include:

G.O.S.T. Bingo
North Baltimore Cub Scout Pack #372 in conjunction with North Baltimore Gleaner Arbor #461 will again be hosting the GOST Bingo.
Bingo will run from 1 pm till 6 pm in the Fire Hall.
This year all games will be 3 bingo cards for $1.
Most games will be split the pot game with special Bingo’s approximately every half hour.
For the special Bingo games the prizes will be a $20 gift certificate to a local merchant and Gleaner items.
At 5:30 pm we will start a cover all bingo for the grand prize. Each participant will be limited to 3 cards only for the final bingo and the price will be $1 per card. The grand prize this year will be a $400 Lowe’s Gift Certificate and a Gleaner Stadium Blanket.
Children 15 and under must play with an adult.
All proceeds from the Bingo will go to Pack #372’s future activities.
This year all bingo cards and chips (corn) are disposable.
Upon paying for your initial cards and receiving your chips from the entry table you can join the next round that will be starting soon.
To continue playing your card you pay the person coming around to the tables, unless you want another set of cards to receive those they have to be purchased at the entry table.
We are trying to reduce the amount of contact for volunteers and participants.
Thank you.
G.O.S.T. Bingo (1:00 pm to 6:00 pm) Prizes:
1:00 pm – Mak and Ali’s Gift Certificate ($20)
1:30 pm – Midwood Gift Certificate ($20)
2:00 pm – Great Scott Gift Certificate ($20)
2:30 pm – Daily Queen ($10) and Fairy Garden Kit (N.B. Library)
3:00 pm – N.B. Nutrition ($20)
3:30 pm – Virginia Theater ($20)
4:00 pm – McDonalds ($20)
4:30 pm – Marathon ($20)
5:00 pm – McDonalds ($10) and Virginia Theater ($10)
5:30 pm – Lowe’s ($400) and Gleaner Stadium Blanket
Each gift card or certificate also comes with a Gleaner Life Insurance Item (blanket, cooler, pens, tumbler, koozie, etc.)
One Winner Per Game.
Bingo games in between the above times to split the pot. 1/2 to the Winner and 1/2 goes to North Baltimore Cub Scout Pack #372.

Virginia Theater Open for GOST 2021

Please remember to stop by the Virginia theater this weekend.

July 31 thru August 8th Showtimes Friday 7pm. Saturday & Sunday 1/4/7pm
July 31 – Aug 8 Jungle Cruise
Aug 13 – 22 Free Guy
Aug 27-29 Suicide Squad —1 week only—
Sept 3 – 12 Shang Chi And The Legend Of The Ten Rings
With Good Old Summertime coming up this weekend. We should remember the reason it exists. Back in its infancy. The festival was designed to attract downtown businesses to come out and share their craft and wares in a festival environment. I remember those days. The theater has always struggle to exist , having 5 owners in the past 30 years. We offer this go at it to the community.
With that in mind. Please remember to stop by the Virginia theater this weekend.
We will be open during the festival for a nice air conditioned movie , soda and popcorn.
We have lots of movie posters for sale and welcome carryout customers.
Parking in rear since Main St. will be closed
Jungle Cruise – – – comes to Virginia Theater this weekend July 31 thru August 8th Showtimes Friday 7pm. Sat/Sun 1/4/7
Dr. Lily Houghton embarks on a journey into the Amazon jungle to try and find an ancient tree with fabled healing powers. She hires Frank Wolff to take her on his boat and help her navigate the jungle.
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra (Director)
Writer: John Requa (Scriptwriter) Glenn Ficarra (Scriptwriter)
Cast: Emily Blunt Dwayne Johnson Jesse Plemons Paul Giamatti Édgar Ramírez Veronica Falcón

GOST Flower Show 2021 INFO & FORMS


North Baltimore Garden Club Flower Show

NB Public Library Community Room

Saturday, July 31, 2021

12:00pm – 5:00pm

Specimen drop off: July 30, 5pm-7pm and July 31, 9am-10am

Garden Club Flower Show

The North Baltimore Garden Club in conjunction with the Good ‘Ole Summertime Festival is pleased to announce that their annual Flower Show will be returning for 2021. It will be  held on July 31, 2021 at the North Baltimore Public Library Community Room. Doors will be open from 12pm-5pm. 

All gardeners are invited to enter specimens into the competition. 

Specimens will be collected at the Community Room on Friday, July 30th, 5pm-7pm and again on Saturday, July 31st, 9am-10am. The Community Room will be closed from 10am-12pm for judging. Entries must be picked up between 5pm-6pm after the show unless arrangements are made at the time of drop-off. 

This year’s categories are as follows:

Houseplants Outside planters and hanging baskets Fairy gardens

Floral arrangements: miniature < 6 inches, large > 6 inches Cacti and Succulent Garden

Specimen flowers, foliage, and plants: annual, perennial, rose Terrarium

Entry blanks along with official category specifications and requirements are available by contacting Tracy Cotterman at or can be picked up at the following locations: NB Public Library and NB Nutrition.

Show Requirements:

All flower and foliage specimens must be in a clear vase or jar. There will be vases available to borrow at the time of drop off. Please remove all spent flowers prior to judging. Please have the required number of blooms for category specific entries. Roses will need to be labeled with their sub-category at time of drop off. The North Baltimore Garden Club in conjunction with the judge reserves the right to add or subtract categories based on entries.

Plant Categories:

Annual or Indoor Hanging Basket House Plants Small Cacti or Succulent Garden

Fairy Garden Orchid Bonsai

Large Floor Plants African Violet Flowering House Plants

Begonia Geranium Terrarium Garden

Annual Specifications:

Marigold: Large = 1 bloom, dwarf =  2 blooms

Petunia: Single = 2 flowers, one color   Double = 2 flowers, one color

Zinnia: Dwarf = 2 blooms one color   Large = 1 bloom

Snapdragon: 1 stem

Salvia: 1 stem

Sunflower: Small = 2 blooms   Large = 1 bloom

Gladiolus: any variety nt to exceed 20 inches

All other annuals, not listed: Small = 2 blooms   Large = 1 bloom

Perennial Specifications:

Clematis: any variety, 1 bloom Rudbeckia: any color, 2 blooms

Coreopsis: any variety, 3 blooms Echinacea: any color, 1 stock

Daisy: any variety, 2 blooms Hosta: any variety, 1 leaf

Delphinium: 1 stock Butterfly Bush: 1 stem

Day Lily: 1 scape Oriental/Asiatic Lily: 1 stem

All other perennial, not listed: Small = 2 blooms, Large = 1 bloom

Rose Specifications:

Hybrid Tea: 1 bloom Grandiflora: 1 spray

Floribunda: 1 spray Miniature: 1 spray

Landscape/shrub/Knock-out: 1 spray

Arrangement Specifications:

Large: greater than 6 inches

Small: less than 6 inches

Patriotic Theme: any size

Specimen pick-up: July 31, 5pm-6pm, unless other arrangements are made at time of drop-off


GOST 5K Foot Race for 2021

NB’s “Good Ole Summer Time Festival” is having a 5K Foot Race!


North Baltimore’s “Good Ole SummerTime Festival” is having a 5K Foot Race!
North Baltimore Nutrition and North Baltimore Medical & Diagnostic Center are co-sponsoring the GOST 5K Foot Race as part of North Baltimore, Ohio‘s ‘Good Ole Summerime Festival. The proceeds of the race benefit the North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce.
7 AM – Race Packets available at @North Baltimore Nutrition
7:30 AM Zumba warm-up session
8 AM Race start time
$20 entry fee benefits the NBACC – North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce

GOST 2021 Car Show Information

North Main Street North Baltimore Ohio – July 31, 2021


—$15.00 Registration Fee

On Walnut Street & North Main Street down (Enter at Cherry Street/North Main Street by Powell Elementary.

See Map RIGHT >>>>>>>

GOST 2021 Car Show Map/Directions

—For more information:
Tim Pelton at 419.857.1268/
Paul King at 419.575.3597/
Mike Soltis at 419.806.2116/

—Music by DJ Larry Reese
—Classic Slot Car Races
Pro-Tinker Toys
—Festival & Organizers not responsible for any damage at event

—Posters printed by
North Baltimore, Ohio

July 31, 2021
Registration – 8:30 Am till 11 Am
Car Show – 11 Am till 3:30 Pm
Awards – 3 Pm
Good Ole Summertime Festival


With Trucks, Tractors, Jeeps and Cycles too!



GOST 2021 Schedules

Here are the schedules, attractions, activities at GOST #42 (when is it???)

Additional info for any registrations and sign-ups is forthcoming (as far as we know…):

7am – GOST 5K Race Packets – North Baltimore Nutrition
8am – Race begins

8am- Alumni Association Golf Scramble – Birch Run Golf Course

8:30-11am- Car Show Registration – North Main Street

9am – Flag raising, prayer, and national anthem – Gazebo 

9:00a – 8:00p – Street Market 120 Block North Main

9am-4pm Military Vehicles Display – West Broadway/Good Shepherd Lot

9:15am-5K Awards – North Baltimore Nutrition

11:00am-3:30pm- Car Show – North Main Cherry to Walnut

10:00am-11pm: Rides – North Main past Cherry Street/Powell School

11:15am-Marching Band and Cheerleaders at Millstream Lot

12-1pm: Talent Show – Main Stage

12-5pm: Flower Show – NB Library – Wolfe Community Room

2-4pm- East of Cheyenne – Main Stage

3pm- Car Show Awards – TBA

12pm-11:30pm- Beer Tent Open – East Broadway

1-6pm- Bingo (NBVFD Firehall)

3-5pm- Basketball tournament (games tba) Huntington Bank lot

5-7:30- Swingmania – Main Stage

8:30-11:30 Tongue n’ Groove – Main State

10pm- Fireworks – NB Village Park

*Sponsorship announcements will be made between bands.


Good Ole SummerTime Golf Outing supports NBHS Scholarship Fund…..

The Good Ole Summertime Golf Outing will return this summer after taking a break for the Covid pandemic in 2020. 

The event is sponsored by the NBHS Alumni Association and the proceeds are used to provide scholarships for NB students. You do NOT have to be an NBHS graduate to play in this event.  Here is more info: