Reduce Your Residential Risk

Advice to make your home storm-ready

(Family Features) In the United States, more than 100,000 thunderstorms occur each year. These storms, which can be accompanied by high winds, hail and tornadoes, can cause power outages, fires and flooding, all of which pose serious threats to people and property across the country.

When these storms hit, many of the features that make your home more comfortable and enjoyable can also pose serious risks. Learn how to prevent damage and protect your family’s safety from these common hazards.

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Lush, well-developed trees provide valuable curb appeal, but they can also be dangerous in storm conditions. Although it’s virtually impossible to fully prevent damage from falling branches or even entire trees, you can minimize the risk. Prune trees regularly to maintain a safe distance from the house and power lines, and eliminate dead trees or damaged branches that are more susceptible to high winds. Take a similar approach with any large shrubs, bushes or other vegetation that could cause damage to your home or vehicles.

Decorative Features
The strong winds that accompany many storms can turn everyday items in your yard into airborne hazards. If items like decorations and patio furniture aren’t secured, bring them in or safely secure them before the storm hits. Also check for decorative features like shutters, which can shake loose in a strong wind and cause significant damage to your home’s exterior.

Propane Tanks
Numerous variations of severe weather, including floods and strong winds, can cause falling tree limbs or other debris to impair or even destroy a propane tank. More important than the property damage are the potential safety risks, such as gas leaks. In addition to trimming back landscaping that could fall onto a tank, also have a service technician survey your tank for possible risk factors, such as rust, loose fittings or faulty valves.

Doors and Windows
Poorly fitted or sealed doors and windows are especially vulnerable in a storm. They can invite leaks or, even worse, blow in completely when weakened by blustery force. It’s a good idea to give all openings to your home a careful review at least a couple of times a year and again after any major weather event.

For additional information on preparing for severe weather conditions, visit

10 Storm Safety Tips

If your home uses propane, consider these tips from the Propane Education & Research Council to help keep your family safe.

  1. Create an emergency contact list with information for your propane supplier and emergency services, along with instructions for turning off propane, electricity and water. If you do need to turn off your propane, contact a service technician to inspect your propane system prior to turning it back on.
  2. Consider installing UL-listed propane gas detectors and carbon monoxide detectors, which provide you with an additional measure of security. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions regarding installation, location and maintenance.
  3. If you can hear thunder, you are close enough to the storm to be struck by lightning. Metal objects such as propane tanks and equipment, tractors and telephone lines can conduct electricity. Do not go near them. If you are caught outside and cannot get to a safe dwelling, find a low-lying, open place away from trees, poles or metal objects. Make sure the place you choose is not subject to flooding.
  4. In the event of a flood, shut off the gas. Turn off the main gas supply valve on your propane tank if it is safe to do so. To close the valve, turn it to the right (clockwise). Also, it’s typically a good idea to turn off the gas supply valves located near individual indoor appliances. Before you attempt to use any of your propane appliances again, have a propane retailer or qualified service technician check the entire system to ensure it is leak-free.
  5. If a tornado is approaching, immediately take action. If you are inside your home or a building, go to the lowest level possible such as a basement or a storm cellar. If there is no basement, go to the center of an interior room on the lowest level. If you are in a mobile home, trailer or vehicle, get out immediately and seek shelter in a sturdy building or storm shelter.
  6. After the storm passes and it is safe to do so, check the entire area for damaged gas lines or damage to your propane tank. High winds and hail can move, shift or damage gas lines and tanks. If it is dark, use flashlights, not candles. Immediately call your local utility company or propane retailer if any of these hazards exist. Do not attempt repairs yourself.
  7. Never use outdoor propane appliances like portable heaters, barbecue grills or generators indoors or in enclosed areas, particularly during a power outage. This can result in carbon monoxide poisoning or potentially death. Never store, place or use a propane cylinder indoors or in enclosed areas such as a basement, garage, shed or tent.
  8. Inspect propane appliances for water or other damage, if it is safe to do so. If the appliances have electric components and have been exposed to water, they can create a fire hazard. Do not turn on a light switch, use any power source or inspect your household appliances while standing in water. This can result in electrocution.
  9. Schedule a time for a qualified service technician to perform a complete inspection of your propane system if you suspect any of your propane appliances, equipment or vehicles have been underwater or damaged, or you have turned off your gas supply. Never use or operate appliances, equipment or vehicles, or turn on the gas supply, until your system has been inspected by a qualified service technician.
  10. Exercise sound judgment. Stay calm and use radios, television and telephones to stay informed and connected. If any questions arise, contact your propane retailer or local fire department.

Propane Education & Research Council

It’s EARTH Day. Want to help save the planet?

Start with small changes in your home!

Want to help save the planet? Start with small changes in your home!
Celebrate Earth Day

Here are 5 ways you can make your home a greener place to be:

  • Switch to LED lights. Making the switch to LED light bulbs can help you save major energy.
  • Fix leaks. Water is a precious resource-don’t waste it! Check your toilet, sink, and garden hose for leaks.
  • Plant a garden. Planting a garden is a fun and beautiful way to add nature to your home. Just be sure to only plant native and adapted plants.
  • Seal gaps. Seal any gaps around your windows and doors to prevent energy loss, reduce your energy costs, and help save the earth.
  • Replace paper towels. Cutting out your paper towel usage can make a huge environmental difference. Try using washable cloths instead!

Submitted by:

Leisa Zeigler, Realtor

ERA Geyer Noakes Realty Group


Photo Gallery and Track Results

NB at Van Buren….

HS Track Results – Doug Mowery Invite @ Van Buren – 4/5/2019, by Suzanne Bucher

Kiley Brooker breaks Discus school record

On Friday April 5th the NBHS Boys & Girls track teams competed at the Doug Mowery Invitational at Van Buren High School. Eight teams competed. Both the NB Boys and Girls  finished in 6th place.

Senior Kiley Brooker, finishing 2nd in the girls’ discus throwing 112’10”, broke the school record previously set in 2018 by Hailey Powell (110’8”).

Girls Top 8

Discus – 2nd K Brooker 112’10”

Shot – 1st K Brooker 35’5.25”, 3rd L Long 31’9.5”

PV – 4th J Bucher 8’0”

TJ – 5th K Mason 25’3.75”

LJ – 6th M McCartney 13’2.75”, 8th C Lanning 12’11”

4×800 – 6th K Dewulf, R Powell, R Crouse, K Powell 13:38.12

4×200 – 6th J Bucher, C Lanning, K Mason, S Smith 2:00.10

1600 – 6th L Hartman 6:13.72, 7th C Schwartz 6:14.80

400 – 5th S Smith 1:07.23

800 – 8th L Hartman 2:56.21

3200 – 4th C Schwartz 13:51.37, 5th R Crouse 14:54.07

4×400 – 5th L Hartman, K Mason, C Lanning, S Smith 4:45.11

Girls - Team Rankings
1.     Carey – 163
2.     Van Buren – 121
3.     Arlington – 120
4.     Elmwood – 76
5.     Vanlue – 73
6.     N Baltimore – 68
7.     Arcadia – 54
8.     McComb – 19
Boys Top 8

TJ – 4th D Zitzelberger 32’5”

HJ – 3rd J Kimmel 5’4”

4×800 – 6th Z Cook, D Zitzelberger, C Mowery, I Sexton 10:54.22

4×200 – 7th H Vogelsong, G Gazarek, J Kimmel, B Holloway 1:50.31

1600 – 1st L Trout 4:58.07

4×100 – 8th I Sexton, T Schwartz, B Holloway, H Vogelsong 57.25

3200 – 1st L Trout 11:25.13

4×400 – 6th G Gazarek, Z Cook, L Trout, J Kimmel 4:05.43

Boys - Team Rankings
1.     Van Buren – 151.50
2.     McComb – 133
3.     Elmwood – 120.50
4.     Arlington – 120
5.     Carey – 73
6.     N Baltimore – 40
6.     Arcadia – 40
8.     Vanlue – 15

For complete results:

Upcoming NBHS Track Schedule
Tue April 16th @ Hardin Northern Quad, 4:30
Thur April 18th @ Gibsonburg Invite, 4:30

Here are some awesome photos to enjoy from the recent NBHS at Van Buren HS Track Meet. Enjoy.

Fotos by Ferg

Senior Night Winter 2019

Winter Senior Night recently in The Jungle.

North Baltimore High School Athletics held their Winter Senior Night recently in The Jungle.

Fotos by Ferg (

Rachel Crouse – Rachel is the daughter of Barb and Ray Crouse.  Rachel is a pep band member and serves as a squad leader.  Rachel also participates in track and is a member of Paws for a Cause, Tri-M, and National Honor Society Marching and Jazz Band.  Rachels’ favorite memory of pep band will be trying to figure out how to dress for all the theme nights. She would like to thank her parents for “Always putting up with my busy schedule”.  After graduation Rachel plans to attend BGSU to study Phycology or Education.

Lanie McCartney  – Lanie is the daughter of Kim and Mike Kerwin and Kevin and Bri McCartney.  Lanie is a member of the Tiger Pep Band. Lanie also participates in Track serves as Tri-M vice president,  is a member of National Honor Society, Student Council, Drama Club, paws for a cause, Klassy Kids 4H group, is a marching band majorette and twirls with Kathys classics baton group and is active in her church.  Lanie’s favorite memory is having the pep band as Golden Megaphone Finalists. She would like to give a special thank you to her friends and family “for always encouraging me to work hard for what I want and to never give up on my goals.”  After graduation Lanie plans on attending the University of Northwestern Ohio and study Travel and Hotel Management.

Brittney Biller  – Brittney is the daughter of Renee Blakely and David Biller and granddaughter of Jackie and Bob Biller.   Brittney is a varsity cheerleader. Brittney also participates in softball and is a member of paws for a cause, national honor society, and art club.  Brittney’s favorite memory is when she forgot to do a toe touch in front of the crowd during a basketball game. Her favorite memory was during a basketball game when she was watching the opposing cheerleader doing back handsprings and being goofy so she decided to go out onto the court and do a summersault.  Brittney would like to thank Her friends: Hannah Lord, her family, boyfriend and teachers “for being there for me during the hard times”. After graduation Brittney plans to attend Owens Community College for business and marketing.

Isabella Buchanan – Isabella is the daughter of Saundra Buchanan and Chip Freshcorn.  Isabella is a 3rd year member of the cheerleading squad. Isabella attends Penta Vocational school for Culinary Arts.   Isabella also participates in Volleyball and softball. Isabella would like to thank her mom and dad for “Making my life a better place and believing in me”.  After graduation Isabella plans to attend the Bradford Culinary School in Columbus.

Jordan Bucher – Jordan is the daughter of Suzanne and Bill Bucher.  Jordan is a 2nd year varsity cheerleader and cheer co-captain, a 4th year varsity golf letterman and a 3 year district golf team qualifier.  Jordan also participates in Track and is a member of Paws for a Cause, Student Council, National Honor Society and International club.  Jordan’s favorite memory is when she thought a toe touch was a kick. Jordan would like to thank Coach Kim and Morgan for making her a better cheerleader.  After graduation Jordan would plans to pursue a career in nursing eventually obtaining a degree as a Nurse Anesthetics or Nurse practitioner.

Alex Snyder – Alex is the son of Lori and John Snyder.  Alex is a 2nd year basketball member.  Alex also participates in Football and Baseball. Alex  favorite basketball memories are the locker room sessions before the game.  Alex would like to thank his family, and friends “for pushing me to be my best and for always being there”. Alex is undecided as to his plans after graduation.

Variety Show at NB Schools – “Who We Anyway…”

Held in the unique NB MS-HS Auditeria, the show features the NB Improv Troupe

North Baltimore Local Schools will present their Annual Improv and Variety Show “Who We Anyway…”.

Tickets are available at the high school office for just $8.

Held in the unique NB MS-HS Auditeria, the show features the NB Improv Troupe, along with acts from Powell, the Middle and High Schools.

NB Troop 315 Newsletter-Feb. ’19

North Baltimore Scouts are very busy doing what Scouts do…

Troop 315 February Newsletter
A few newsletters ago,  I talked about a possible meeting date change due to my absence , however, It looks like we will not need to do so.  My availability will be back to normal as of March 10th and the other leaders have Camp Alaska training taken care of;  Thank you Tim, Frank, Joe and Billy. This will take care of program at the meetings til then.  I will also be able to attend half of Miakonda camp but won’t be able to attend Camp Alaska.  The other leaders have stepped up to handle it; Once again,  Thank You
Winter Klondike  at Camp Berry was quite the event.  Even though the roads were bad that weekend,  Our troop had a lot of winter fun during the competition with first aid, lashings, gold mining during the day,  and then outdoor snow fun in the evening.  I’ve included pics from camp just to show  parents that boys can have fun while not being in front of a video game or smart phone.  Also ,, the cabin was a great warming spot in between activities with its wood burning stove.  Our next camp will be the same format at Miakonda

Winter Camp Feb 1-3
We will leave the scouthouse at 6:30pm Friday night to head to Camp Miakonda in Toledo.  Cost is $10.00 , Pack your class A shirt for closing campfire as well as sleeping bag, pillow, winter clothes (Boots, hats, gloves)  Please . don’t forget your mess kits,  several scouts forgot them at Camp Berry so I need to keep reminding.  Below is the grocery list for the event;  Please bring all items on Friday .  We will return to N.B. around 9:30am Sunday.  I’ve heard from parents that some scouts are falling asleep in church that day.  We will try to get them to bed at a descent time Sat night. 
4 boxes lasagna noodles(EAKAEN) 
3 jars spaghetti sauce(VANLERBERG) 
2 32 oz bag mozerella cheese(BILLY) 
2 tubs ricotta cheese(LIVINGSTON) 
3 lbs ground beef browned and bagged(CARY) 
6 Pilsbury grands biscuits tubes (baked and bagged)(CLAYTON/MALONEY)
Sausage Gravy  (BOES )
4 gal Choco milk (BOES)Chips (BOES) 
2 bags sugar(VANLERBERG)
8 same flavor Kool aid packets(TROUT)
5 bags asst mini doughnuts(KIMMEL)
8 8 pak hamburger buns(TROUT)
Shredded Chicken Sandwich spread(COUP)
Court of Honor  February 13
Wednesday , February 13, at American Legion  7:00pm… We will hold our semi annual Court of Honor to recognize scouts camps, ranks, merit badges.  Families are invited and have scouts wear their full Class A uniform to the event.  There will also be a Friends of Scouting presentation as well.
Camp Alaska  March 1-3
After Miakonda camp.  Our meetings will teach the scouts how to survive 24 hours in the winter by building shelters, campfire, and cooking their own meals.  The meetings leading up will  cover,  layering clothing,  building at good survival shelter,  foods and fire.  Please have scouts attend to ensure they are prepared to handle this out doo camp. 
Ad Alteri Dei Scouts
I am working on a Board of Review date to finalize your religious training.  I’ve spoken with the Diocese of Toledo to ensure we can arrange to receive all the medals so hang tight for an update on the date and time.  Please make sure your workbook is complete and ready for review. 
Summer Camp info
I try and stress the upcoming Summer camp costs and payments options.   This year camp will cost $295.00 per scout if paid by May 1st.  $315.00 after.  I’ll need a few days ahead of that to make sure I can get the funds in on time so parents deadline is April 28.    We are going to Camp Frontier in Pioneer Ohio on June 16 thru 22.   Forward think gives all parents time to pre plan and set funds aside for this troop event  and the highlight of all scouts each year.    Parents often choose to use scout accounts,  make payments up to the date, or just pay the full amount by the deadline or even the ..non early bird amount, after.
We try and encourage all our troop to participate in resident camp.  So.. pre plan accordingly and you will be hearing reminders each month to give all parents to opportunity to get ready for summer.  Physicals and merit badge sign up reminders will start in March
Scout Accounts
Your scout’s account’s are up to date.  Email me if you need a balance update. 
Quote from Lord Baden Powell
“A Scout smiles and whistles under all circumstances.”  reminds me of Isaiah B.
Shawn Benjamin – Scoutmaster

UPDATED – Winter Homecoming 2019 Foto Gallery

NB HS held the Winter Homecoming last weekend. Fotos by Ferg

Fotos by Ferg (

NBHS Winter Homecoming 2019
Queen & King
Lilly Westgate & Harley Cole

2019 Winter Princess and Prince are Audrey Stutz and Porter Pizarro

Audrey Shultz is the daughter of Trisha and Davis Shultz.  She is in Mrs. Clifton’s kindergarten class this year. Her favorite color is pink.  She loves to play outside and loves to color and paint. When she grows up, she wants to be a cheerleader.

Porter is the son of Kassi Smith and Travis Pizarro. His siblings are Hayden, Konnor, Aldon and Makenna.  He is in Mrs. Mortorana’s Kindergarten class this year. He doesn’t have a favorite color because he loves all of them.  His hobbies include playing Xbox, playing football and watching tv. When he grows up he wants to be a football player.

Freshmen Attendants are Gabriella Estrada and Jonathon Hagemyer

Gabby is the daughter of Rosie and Jacob Ford.  She participates in basketball, softball, and volleyball.  She likes to hang out with her friends. She also likes to go out to movies and restaurants.

Johnny is the son of Kristin and Joey Hagemyer.  In his spare time, he enjoys playing basketball for the Tigers but also on his AAU team in the summers.  He also enjoys hanging out with his friends and family and playing video games with his bros.

Sophomore Attendants are Meghan Thompson and Diego Rodrigo

Meghan is the daughter of Sandy and Alan Gallacher.  She is a member of the Varisty cheerleading squad and also participates in pep band and jazz band.  She is a member of Swing choir and of the Praise band at her church. She enjoys spending time with her friends, family and cats.

Diego Rodrigo is the son of Amparo and Juan Rodrigo.  He has a brother named Ivan and they reside in Spain. In his free time, he loves playing sports and is the goalkeeper on his soccer team back home.  He also plays tennis and basketball and likes to go out with his friends. He enjoys movies and video games. He also enjoys skiing and playing chess.

Junior Attendants are Chloe Hopple and Logan Gunter

Chloe is the daughter of Sarah and Dan Hopple. She is involved in volleyball and travel softball.

Logan is the son of Krista and Charles Gunter.  He is a member of the football and basketball teams.  When he is not playing sports he spends most of his time fishing with his best friend Alex.

Senior Attendants Olivia Hyatt and Harley Cole

Olivia is the daughter of Penny and Troy Hyatt.   She participates in Paw for a Cause, Student Council, National Honor Society, International Club, and Quiz Bowl.  She is President of the Tiger Tribune and also plays volleyball and softball. After graduation she plans on attending the University of Findlay to major in nursing with a minor in Political Science.  She plans on furthering her education to one day become an anesthetic nurse.

Harley is the son of April and Steve Cole and Shelly and Don LaRotonda. He is a member of Student Council, National Honor Society, Vice President of Paws for a Cause.  He is employed at Mcdonalds. He enjoys spending time with friends and family, volunteering and supporting the Tiger athletics. He has been accepted at Bowling Green State University and plans to major in Business.

Senior Attendants Lanie McCartney and Bryant Matthes

Lanie is the daughter of Kevin and Bri McCartney and Kim and Mike Kerwin. She participates in baton, 4-H, Track Tri-M, Student Council and Pep band.  She is a National Honor Society member. She enjoys spending time with her family and friends. After graduation she plans to attend the University of Northwestern Ohio to study Travel and Hotel Management.

Bryant is the son of Arica and Matt Matthes.  He is Vice President of the senior class and is also a member of Student Council and National Honor Society.  He played football all 4 years and received the Tiger Spirit Award. He enjoys spending time with his great grandpa Kidd on his farm and working with his Grandpa Bankey.  He loves to play euchre with his Brother Hank and best friends Danny Crouse and Brady Rader. He wishes his sister Olivia luck with the rest of her high school years. After graduation he plans on entering the workforce.

Senior Attendants Lilly Westgate and Dalton Teaford

Lilly is the daughter of Laura and Jason Westgate.  She is Student Council Vice President, National Honor Society Vice President, Junior Fair board member, Senior fair board representative, 4-H club President and Tri-M President.  She is a Wood County honor court delegate, a camp counselor and carteens Facilitator. After graduation she plans on attending BGSU to Major in education. 

Dalton Teaford is the son of Stacy Bumpus and Shelly Friel. He participates in Wood County Sheriff’s, Explorers, Wrestling, OPOTA for private security, and band. After graduation he plans to work at ToCl as a corrections officer until he attends the police academy and becomes a sheriff’s deputy.

Last year’s Queen and King

2018 Queen & King Valerie Buchanan and Chase Naugle

NB Winter Homecoming 2019

The North Baltimore High School Homecoming theme is “Party In the Jungle”.

submitted by Cristina Morales, NBHS Publications

The North Baltimore High School Homecoming theme is “Party In the Jungle”.

The Homecoming Dance theme is a black light “glow” party. The dance is Saturday, Jan. 11 following the home basketball game vs. Patrick-Henry. The dance ends at 11:30. Admission for the dance is free and all students are welcome to attend.

The Winter Homecoming Court (Foto by Ferg)

Top row (all seniors): Olivia Hyatt, Harley Cole, Lilly Westgate, Dalton Teaford, Lanie McCartney, Bryant Matthes; Bottom row: Meghan Thompson (sophomore), Diego Rodrigo (sophomore), Chloe Hopple (junior), Logan Gunter (junior), Gabriella Estrada (freshman), Jonathon Hagemyer (freshman)

Caroling in Downtown NB Tonight!

The NBHS Music Department invites you to come out TONIGHT Dec. 17 for Christmas Caroling in Downtown North Baltimore!

Join in for caroling in front of the Fire Hall!

The North Baltimore Music Department invites you to come out TONIGHT Dec. 17 for Christmas Caroling in Downtown North Baltimore!

 On Monday, December 17 at 7pm, please join the high school choir for Christmas caroling outside the fire hall. Hot chocolate will be provided.

Please bring a canned good to donate. 

On Tuesday, December 18 at 7pm, the North Baltimore Bands grades 5-12 will present their annual Holiday concert in the high school auditeria. Both of these events are free and open to the public!

NB Schools Upcoming Concerts Dec. 12, 17 & 18

The North Baltimore Music Department would like to invite you to three upcoming performances this month!

Join in for caroling in front of the Fire Hall!

The North Baltimore Music Department would like to invite you to three upcoming performances this month!

On Wednesday, December 12, at 7pm, the North Baltimore Choirs grades 4-12 will present their annual Holiday concert in the high school auditeria.

On Monday, December 17 at 7pm, please join the high school choir for Christmas caroling outside the fire hall. Hot chocolate will be provided. Please bring a canned good to donate.

On Tuesday, December 18 at 7pm, the North Baltimore Bands grades 5-12 will present their annual Holiday concert in the high school auditeria.

All of these events are free and open to the public!

Winter Safety Tips

Hypothermia, frostbite, carbon momoxide poisonings, hazardour road conditions, and more…..

Drive Safely in the Snow

Driving in the winter means changes in the way you drive. Snow, sleet and ice can lead to hazardous road conditions. Prepare your vehicle for the upcoming winter season with these helpful tips.

Avoid Strain while Shoveling

Shoveling snow is a major winter activity in many parts of the United States. Taking a few precautions can help you prevent unnecessary pain and suffering.

Avoid injuring your back while shoveling…

Treat Frostbite Immediately

Use first aid to help someone who may have hypothermia or frostbite. Online and classroom courses are available through NSC.

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Carbon monoxide detectors save lives, but less than one-third of American homes have one installed. With December and January at the peak of CO poisonings, check out our fact sheet and be sure to follow tips like these:

  • Replace the battery for your home’s CO detector each spring and fall
  • Do not heat your home with a gas range or oven
  • Never run a car or truck inside an attached garage

Photos from Chamber Santa Visit to Downtown NB

The North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce along with several sponsors welcomed Santa, Mrs. Claus and several elves to Bob Kelley, Inc. on South Main Street.

The North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce along with several sponsors welcomed Santa, Mrs. Claus and several elves to Bob Kelley, Inc. on South Main Street.

The Chamber offered horse-drawn carriage rides, a chance to share your wish list with that Jolly Old Elf and his Mrs., a chance to win a bicycle, elves and just plain good, cute and well-behaved children! (nod – nod – wink – wink).

Made possible by our generous sponsors:
Bob Kelley Chevy-Buick
Briar Hill Health Campus
Cyber Solutions
Newlove Realty

Enjoy these photos from Katie

North Baltimore Area Chamber of Commerce
124 E Broadway (West of the Post Office alley)
PO Box 284
North Baltimore, OH 45872

Call the Chamber or more information: 419-857-8130