School Mornings Made Easy

Start the school year off right by giving your kids a breakfast they’ll love that also provides the protein they need to kick-start their day…….


(Family Features) Most parents know the first few weeks of school season and new daily routines can be hectic. From stocking up on school supplies to finishing up homework, there’s few unused minutes in the day.

One thing that’s particularly easy to forget in the mad dash to catch the bus or make it to morning drop-off is a well-balanced, protein-packed breakfast. According to a No Kid Hungry study, when students have a balanced breakfast in the morning, they are more likely to attend school and perform better on standardized tests.

Start the school year off right by giving your kids a breakfast they’ll love that also provides the protein they need to kick-start their day. Recipes like Simple Ham and Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches or Baked Eggs in Avocado can be ready in minutes and provide fuel long past the first morning school bell.

As a simple time-saver, Smithfield offers pre-diced, cubed and sliced ham that can make breakfast a breeze any day of the week. Incorporate it into a simple breakfast sandwich for a protein boost you can enjoy on-the-go. Served crispy or chewy depending on your preference, Thick Cut Bacon also puts a savory spin on nearly any breakfast plate, whether paired with eggs and avocado or a simple side of toast.

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Simple Ham and Waffle Breakfast Sandwiches

Cook time: 30 minutes
Servings: 4

  • 8 frozen prepared waffles, toasted
  • 8 ounces Smithfield Anytime Favorites Quarter Boneless Sliced Ham, any flavor
  • 4 large eggs
  • 4 slices cheddar or American cheese
  • maple syrup (optional)
  1. Prepare waffles according to package directions; keep warm.
  2. In nonstick skillet over medium-high heat, cook ham slices until lightly browned, about 30 seconds per side; keep warm. In same skillet over medium heat, fry eggs until desired doneness.
  3. Lay out four waffles and top each with sliced cheese, ham and fried egg, topping with remaining waffles to finish. Serve warm with maple syrup, if desired.

Tip: Try spreading fruit jam on your sandwich for a change of pace.

Baked Eggs in Avocado

Cook time: 10 minutes
Servings: 6

  • Nonstick cooking spray
  • 3 large avocados
  • 6 eggs
  • 4 strips Smithfield Thick Cut Bacon, diced and cooked until crispy
  • 1 cup blue cheese
  • 1/4 cup fresh cilantro
  1. Heat oven to 450 F. Spray baking sheet or glass baking pan with cooking spray. Cut avocados in half. Scoop out 1-2 tablespoons of avocado to create well for eggs. Place avocados flesh-side up on prepared baking sheet or glass pan.
  2. Gently crack one egg in each avocado well, making sure to keep yolk intact. Bake 10 minutes, or until eggs reach desired temperature. Remove.
  3. Top with bacon pieces, blue cheese and cilantro.


W. C. Auditor: Tax & Assessments Distributions for 2nd Half 2018

Matthew Oestreich, Wood County Auditor, has announced the distribution of the Real Estate, Public Utility tax, and Special Assessments for the second half 2018 settlement.

A total of $84,965,393 was collected and distributed including $2,341,637 for special assessments.  In addition $9,035,755 is to be reimbursed from the State Income Tax Funds, $6,229,285 in non-business credit, $964,092 in owner-occupied credit, and $1,842,378 in homestead exemption monies. These represent tax reductions for qualifying properties.

The Board of Developmental Disabilities requested that the 2.95 mill voted developmental disabilities levy collection be reduced to collect 1.48 mills for this year due to sufficient fund balance. This provided tax relief of $51 annually on a $100,000 home.

Wood County currently maintains 75,259 individual land parcels of record and distributes the taxes to eighteen school districts, nineteen townships, and twenty-six cities and villages.

Wood County has over 100,000 individual special assessments, which are distributed to regional, county, municipal and township governments.  Examples include ditch construction and maintenance, sewer and water systems, street lighting, street cleaning, and tree maintenance programs.

Totals for the second half revenue distribution are as follows:

Powell Giving Garden Thank You’s

If anyone would like to purchase an engraved brick for this project, please contact Amanda Jacobs at:

The Giving Garden at Powell Elementary

We would like to thank K&L Ready Mix for your generous donation of 10 yards of concrete valued at $1227.64. Your contribution will make a great entrance for our plantings and seating. We appreciate your willingness to help our cause and look forward to doing business with you in the future.

We would also like to thank Josh Long for digging the space, Casey’s Sales and Service for donating the stone, Doug Wickard for his expertise, and Mayor Janet Goldner for supporting this project.

The volunteer crew for the Giving Garden – (L to R):  Joe Stewart, Joey Hagemeyer, Jim Casey, Hank Flores, Jon Eichar, Ryan Clark, Jim Stewart, John Stewart.

If anyone would like to purchase an engraved brick for this project, please contact Amanda Jacobs at:

Marlene North
Treasurer of The Giving Garden

NBHS/JH FALL 2018 Sports Schedules – ALL SPORTS

All schedules are subject to change… Contact the Athletic Dept. with questions!

8/11/2018Edgerton (scrimmage)10:00am
8/17/2018at  Elmwood (scrimmage)6:00
8/24/2018at Leipsic7:00
9/7/2018at Arcadia7:00
9/14/2018Vanlue (Alumni Game)7:00
9/21/2018Liberty Benton7:00
9/28/2018at Cory-Rawson7:00
10/5/2018Riverdale (HC)7:00
10/12/2018at McComb7:00
10/19/2018Pandora-Gilboa (Sr. night)7:00
10/26/2018at Van Buren7:00
9/1/2018at Otsego10:00
9/22/2018at Liberty Benton10:00
10/6/2018at Riverdale10:00
Jr High FB
8/23/2018Hopewell-Loudon (scrimmage)5:00
8/30/2018Van Buren5:00
9/13/2018at Vanlue at Findlay BR Field5:00
9/20/2018at Liberty Benton5:00
10/4/2018at Riverdale5:00
8/9/2018USC (scrimmage)5:30
8/18/2018at Bluffton10:00am
8/21/2018at Woodmore5:30
8/27/2018Hardin Northern5:30
8/28/2018at Arlington5:30
8/30/2018at Holgate (varisty only)5:30
9/10/2018at Vanlue (varsity only)5:30
9/13/2018at Waynesfield-Goshen (varsity only)5:30
9/17/2018at Van Buren5:30
9/19/2018at Liberty Benton5:30
9/22/2018at Cory Rawson Invite (varsity only)10:00 am
9/26/2018at Leipsic5:30
9/29/2018at Ridgemont10:00
10/3/2018at Cory-Rawson5:30
10/9/2018Temple Christian5:30
10/11/2018Patrick Henry5:30
Freshmen VB
8/28/2018at Arlington4:30
9/17/2018at Van Buren4:30
9/19/2018at Liberty Benton4:30
9/26/2018at Leipsic4:30
10/8/2018at Pandora-Gilboa4:30
Jr High VB
8/22/2018at Lakota (scrimmage)5:00
8/25/2018at Elmwood10:00 am
9/5/2018at McComb5:00
9/12/2018at Hopewell-Loudon5:00
9/17/2018Van Buren5:00
9/19/2018Liberty Benton5:00
9/24/2018at Riverdale5:00
10/1/2018at Arcadia5:00
10/6/20188th Grade Tournament at Van Buren9:00 am
10/8/2018at Pandora-Gilboa5:00
10/13/20187th Grade Tournament at Liberty Benton8:00 am
Cross Country
8/23/2018Elmwood, McComb, Van Buren4:30
8/25/2018at Seneca East8:30 am
8/28/2018at Patrick Henry4:30
9/8/2018at Archbold9:00am
9/13/2018at Riverdale5:00
9/15/2018at Lakota Invite9:30 am
9/20/2018at Carey5:00
9/22/2018at Cardinal Stritch8:00am
9/25/2018at Lima Bath Invite5:00
9/29/2018at Old Fort9:00
10/1/2018at Elmwood (no jr high)5:00
10/6/2018at Fostoria5:00
Boys Golf
8/6/2018Royal Invite at Birch Run8:00
8/8/2018Woodmore Invite at Stone Ridge9:00
8/9/2018Seneca East Invite at Clinton Heights GC8:30
8/10/2018Lakota Invite at Sycamore Hills GC8:00
8/13/2018Patriot Invite at Pike Run GC9:00
8/21/2018BVC Tri at Red Hawk Run4:30
8/23/2018at Liberty Center at White Pines GC4:30
8/27/2018BVC Tri at Birch Run4:30
9/4/2018BVC Tri at Shady Acres4:30
9/6/2018at Ayersville at Country Acres GC4:30
9/8/2018Tiger Invite at Birch Run8:00
9/10/2018BVC Tri at Birch Run4:30
9/11/2018at Carey w/Seneca East at Bob’s Countryside GC4:30
9/17/2018BVC Tournament at Findlay CC9:00
Girls Golf
8/8/2018Royal Invite at Birch Run8:00
8/9/2018at Wapakoneta at Wapakoneta CC10:00
8/14/2018Allen East Invite at Colonial GC9:00
8/16/2018at Van Buren at Red Hawk GC3:40
8/18/2018Girls Invite at Springbrook GC9:00
8/30/2018Elmwood at Birch Run4:00
9/6/2018at PH Quad at Pike Run GC4:30
9/11/2018Bluffton at Birch Run GC4:30
9/13/2018Patrick Henry at Birch Run GC4:30
9/22/2018Sycamore Springs Tourney at Sycamore Springs GC9:00

Tigers Meet the Team Fotos by Ferg

The North Baltimore High School Middle School Athletic Department and the Tiger Marching Band held a “Meet the Team” at NB’s War Memorial Field last Friday.

The North Baltimore High School Middle School Athletic Department and the Tiger Marching Band held a “Meet the Team” at NB’s War Memorial Field last Friday.

Members of each team, that were able to attend, were introduced.

Rosters, team photos, schedules and more will be posted in the coming days and weeks, as these items become available for posting – please check back on

You can also check NB Schools Website

CLICK: Fall 2018 Sports Schedules Complete

Fotos by Ferg – Scott’s Foto Page – check it out!

Fotos can be enlarged by clicking on them.

5 Tips for a Smooth Back-to-School Transition

From weekly meetings to extracurricular activities and weekend sports, try using lists and charts to stay organized…..

(Family Features) Just when it seems like you have gotten into your summer groove, it’s time to get back into your school routine, which can be cause both relief and stress at the same time for parents and students alike. Even if your kids are fairly adaptable, big changes like heading back to school after a summer of limited scheduling can be stressful.

Head off potential problems as you transition into the busy back-to-school season with these family-friendly tips to get everyone back on the school-time track:

Set a Family Schedule
Rather than rushing into school season all at once, try to plan your schedule ahead of time. Easing into school season can make for a much smoother transition. This means gradually tapering off later bedtimes and enforcing an earlier wake up call. If meal times have gotten lax, it’s also a good idea to start working back toward your school-time schedule.

Pack Easier
Getting everyone up and on their way can be one of the greatest challenges on school days. Serve breakfast, pack lunches and make it out the door with a cup of still-hot coffee with an option like the Chinet Comfort Cup insulated hot cup. It’s designed to help keep drinks the perfect temperature while remaining cool to the touch, and with the snap-and-go lid, you can avoid messes during busy mornings.

Stay Organized
From weekly meetings to extracurricular activities and weekend sports, try using lists and charts to stay organized. Especially as kids grow older and their activities lists and school deadlines expand, keeping track of everyone can become a real chore. Find a place in the house where you can post calendars and lists that everyone can see. Try color-coding by child or type of activity (school, work, sports, etc.) for extra organization.

List Family Goals
Have each person in the family list out his or her goals for this school year. They can be small or challenging, but it can give everyone something to strive for. It’s also a good way to remind kids about family values like encouraging one another and making time to support everyone’s individual interests.

Buy Supplies Ahead of Time
Don’t wait until the last minute to search for school supplies like notebooks, pencils and paper or the bigger ticket items like backpacks. Seeking out necessary items ahead of time can alleviate the stress of not being able to find what you need, and spreading out purchases over time can eliminate a major one-time hit to the family budget.

Find more ideas to ease your family’s transition back to school at


NB Rotary Corn Roast NEXT Monday!

On August 20th,  the North Baltimore Rotary Club will be celebrating their 73rd Annual Rotary Corn Roast. The PUBLIC IS INVITED!


Join us for our 73rd Annual Corn Roast!
Monday, August 20, at the North Baltimore
American Legion Post 539
539 East South Street • North Baltimore, OH 45872

$15 Pre-Sale / $20 at the door

All Proceeds Benefit Rotary Community Efforts

Activities Include:

Guest Speaker:
Terry Wymer – 2018 Ohio Basketball Hall of Fame Inductee & NCAA Final Four Referee

50/50 Raffle • Catering from City BBQ

Registration and social time from 5:30 – 6:20p.m.

All you can eat dinner at 6:30p.m.

Includes sweet corn and homemade pies!

Tickets are available from any Rotarian. Try Miller Ins. (Dennis), The NB School Board Office (Ryan), Briar Hill Health Campus Main Office (Stephanie), Kelley Chevrolet (John Kelley) – there are probably others!

Council Joins Up for First August Meeting

Village to hire new Police Chief…

By Sue Miklovic

The Village Council met last Tuesday for the first of two regularly scheduled meetings for August. All members were present.

Among the topics discussed was the hiring of a replacement for Police Chief Allan Baer who is leaving the village after almost 11 years of service.

Village Administrator Allyson Murray asked for a motion to authorize her to advertise for the Police Chief position. Council was not in favor of doing that until they had the opportunity to see if anyone qualified already within that department was interested in the job.

“I think we need to look at an interim position” said Councilman Matt Beegle. Councilman Ty Carles suggested hiring from within with a probationary period, “Like we did for the Water Superintendent position.” Mayor Goldner added, “We have people who are qualified and interested inside the Village”

The mayor said, “Chief Baer has given exemplary service to the Village. He was truly an asset and will be sorely missed.”

Other conversations and topics of note:

%- Income tax receipts for July 2018 are up 15% compared to July 2017.

%- The returned check fee has been changed to $30.00

%-Allyson Murray is seeking bill payment options to accommodate those who would like to pay water bills online.

%-The Village will continue its agreement with the NB Local School District to provide a SRO( School Resource Officer)This is a win-win for the village and the school.

School Resource Officer Mandy Slane shared a report of additional SRO training she received this Summer with Council members .

% The Village authorized the Administrator to advertise for an open position in the water/sewer department.

%- The village is recommending that customers do NOT place CASH in the night drop box.

%-The Council members voiced their disappointment with the lack of quality workmanship on the ADA upgrades to the concession stand in the park. Council paid $13,000—1/4th of the total cost for the Community Development Block Grant project. “We were scammed” said Councilman Aaron Patterson.

%- V.A. Murray and Public Works Superintendent Doug Wickard have compiled a street inventory for the purpose of developing a plan to pay for much need improvements.

%- Councilman Matt Beegle suggested the village declare the Saturday in June before Village-Wide trash Pick be named “Garage Sale Day”

%-Councilman Aaron Patterson announced that he had received a copy of the contract from Skip Baltz, representing the NB Masonic Lodge, in regards to the long standing Recycling Program in NB.

%- A special meeting was scheduled to immediately follow the Council of the Whole meeting on August 14th.

%-Dalton Teaford, NBHS Student Representative on the Village Council was thanked for his service. His term is now complete, since he is a Senior, and the position is to be held by a Junior. (Editor’s note: He did an outstanding job! Typically when the school year ends in the Spring, the student is finished. Dalton had the desire to continue throughout the Summer months as well. Well Done, Dalton!)

The regular meeting was adjourned and followed by an executive session for the purpose of discussing Employee Compensation.

Custom Cuts – From the Farm to the Freezer

We’ll custom cut whatever you want!!!

$1.00 per lb. OFF All Freezer Steaks
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NEW –  3 – 1# Bacon Burgers
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Stuffed Chicken Breasts – $3.49
Stuffed Boneless Pork Chops – $4.49

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Frozen Ground Beef Patties
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– Half-pounders
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Boneless Pork Chops – $3.99#
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Spare Ribs Beef OR Pork – $2.99#
1# pks of Whole Hog Sausage – $3.29#
Western Style Pork Ribs – $3.99#

Walnut Creek Natural Casing Hot Dogs – $5.99#
Harlans B-B-Q Rub – $6.49
Rudys Famous Chili Dog Sauce – $4

Walnut Creek Deli Cheeses
Colby – Swiss – Pepper Jack – Co-Jack

includes 6 each:
8 oz. N. Y. Strip Steak
Brats – 6 Boneless Chops
Chicken Leg Quarters
1/3 pounder 85% lean burger patties
all for only $59!!!

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