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Celebrate Ohio’s Educators During Teacher Appreciation Week with #OhioLovesTeachers and Daily Celebration Themes

Teacher Appreciation Week is this week, and we invite you to help us thank Ohio’s remarkable educators by sharing a story of a teacher or teacher team using #OhioLovesTeachers on Twitter and Instagram.

Ohio has more than 1.7 million K-12 public school students. That amounts to, at least, 1.7 million daily aha moments in classrooms across the state inspired by Ohio’s teachers. Each moment’s architect deserves time in the spotlight.

Print this #OhioLovesTeachers shout-out banner, write a message in the blank area using the prompts below and take a photo with a teacher who inspires and challenges you.

Click here to download and print the #OhioLovesTeachers shout-out banner!
Click here to download and print the #OhioLovesTeachers shout-out banner!

Each day next week we’ll ask you to share based on a theme. Choose one, a couple or all five! Teachers and district/school leaders may wish to distribute these shout-out banners to students, staff and even fellow educators.

  • Monday — Celebration Selfies: To kick-off our week of celebrating Ohio’s educators, let’s share some selfies! Using the shout-out banner, take a photo with an inspiring teacher and tell us what makes them great.
  • Tuesday — Wise Words: A lesson saved is a lesson learned! Recall a quote, saying or lesson from a favorite teacher. It may be witty, humorous, inspiring or all three. Share this wisdom on the shout-out banner, and then share with us!
  • Wednesday — Inspiration Flow Chart: Of course, teachers inspire us all. But, who inspires our teachers? Interview your favorite teacher and ask them to share theirpersonal inspiration.
  • Thursday — Kindness Boomerang: Each day teachers inspire, create, motivate and heal. In the spirit of teachers’ never-ending kindness, perform a kind act for a teacher. Snap a photo of the moment, tag the teacher/school/district and share with us!
  • Friday — Lifelong Learning Journey: Teachers give us the maps on our lifelong learning journey. Where are you headed?Students:Using the shout-out banner, share your post-graduation goals and how a teacher helped you explore new possibilities on your lifelong learning journey. All of Ohio:You are already there! Tell us about a teacher from your K-12 years who gave you the directions to find success.
  • Keep it going! — Teaching is magical: Ta-da! Educators have a special way of making knowledge *appear* in our heads. Continue using #OhioLovesTeachers throughout the year to shine a spotlight on the incredible educators in your life. District and school leaders can use it to highlight staff that go the extra mile. Parents and students can use it to tell the world about the teachers inspiring them to reach greatness. Teachers can use it to recognize other educators who amaze them. Every aha moment deserves a cheer! Share with us on Twitter and Instagram, and feel free to use the shout-out banner all year long, too!

To share any or all of these celebration prompts, simply post a picture or video with your story using #OhioLovesTeachers and tag @OHEducation on Twitter and Instagram. The Department will share your Twitter and Instagram posts through its social media channels. Thanks for helping us promote the great things happening in Ohio’s classrooms.

Thanks to all of Ohio’s teachers for everything you do to make a difference in the lives of students!

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week from all of us at the Ohio Department of Education!

Click here to learn more!

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