North Baltimore, Ohio

September 22, 2021 4:00 pm


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Change Drive to Benefit NB Senior Center

Sara Williams, CSR at Briar Hill Health Campus in North Baltimore is looking to continue to improve our Senior Center in North Baltimore.  Briar Hill Health Campus is holding  a number of events, one being our change drive!

We are going to involve the Powell school again this year, they did an amazing job last year with almost $600 in change!

This year we are going to spread the change drive  out to the community and we’re looking to place a change container in every business and classroom in town. and I know people use cards a lot now a days but people use money too and if they could put there change in the container it will add up to something great !!! So please promote and lets work together to make North Baltimore a better place for our aging seniors !!!

Call Sara if you would like to participate – 419-257-2421 (phone)

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