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Change to NBHS Student Handbook Presented to Board at Monthly Meeting

Proposed Changes for 2016-2017 Student Handbook


  1. Automobile Use (new section below)


Offenses are considered Minor or Major.  Minor Offenses include things such as but not limited to arguing about parking spots, driving off blacktop, seat belt violation and tailgating.  Major Offenses include things such as but not limited to speeding, racing, fish-tailing, screeching tires, riding in back of pickups and repeated minor driving offenses.  Extreme offenses as determined by the principal will result in more severe consequences than listed below and could include police action.


Minor Driving Consequences:
First Minor Offense: Loss of driving privilege for 1 day

Second Minor Offense: Loss of driving privilege for 1 week

Third Minor Offense: Loss of driving privilege for 1 month


Major Driving Consequences:

First Major Offense: 2 weeks

Second Major Offense: 1 month

Third Major Offense: 3 months and/or loss of driving privileges for the rest of the school year.


  1. Stage Steps: Students going directly to or from Choir or Band class are permitted to walk on stage and through the music room door. Students traveling to/from gym, health and fitness, weight lifting or art cannot walk on the stage steps.  Students in lunch must stay off the stage and steps.


  1. Vacation Days: Vacation requests may be denied if a student has (1) used up their 5 parent excused absences in that semester, and (2) has grades lower than Cs.


  1. Backpacks: PE/ Band/Art/Health and Fitness students may carry backpacks to 8th period only.


  1. College Credit Plus:


College Credit Plus

Any student in grades 7 through 12 may enroll in College Credit Plus provided s/he meets the

requirements established by law, the District and university of choice.  A student will be denied

high school credit for any portions or for the entire class if taken during a period of expulsion.  Any

interested student should contact the guidance counselor by April 1 or as determined by The Ohio

Department of Education to obtain the necessary information for next school year.

Students who enroll in College Credit Plus (CCP) may have those credits count toward graduation requirements and the Honors Diploma.  However those courses may not provide the “Graduation Points” as required by the Ohio Department of Education.  Courses taken through CCP count as HS credit and toward college credit, as specified and allowed by the Ohio Department of Education.

If a university has a pass/fail guideline and counts pass/fail on the college transcript, the university may still send us the actual percentage grade.  For HS transcripts, the GPA calculated grade will be used, not pass/fail.  Once a student declares Option A or  Option B, changes cannot be made.


  1. Opportunity School


The following guidelines and limitations will be followed for all credit recovery

coursework and/or online curriculum at NBHS.:


Students must take courses at NBHS first, prior to enrolling in the NBHS Opportunity School’s online option.  The online option is most typically used for credit recovery.  Students may not enroll in the NBHS Opportunity School to avoid taking a course with teachers of NBHS.  The NBHS Opportunity School cannot be used for college credit.

Students may not take a different online course to replace an existing course at NBHS (Example, students cannot take German through the Opportunity School to avoid Spanish offered at NBHS, or example 2: A student cannot take a Basic English course to count as Freshmen English).  Some consideration may be given to new NBHS students who had started a different course elsewhere prior to enrolling in NBHS.


  • Only two credits of credit recovery coursework will be accepted for advanced credit. Advanced credit is a credit that has not been attempted at NBHS due to a scheduling conflict, or any previous high school attended by the student.
  • A student may take up to four credits of credit recovery work that will count toward graduation. If four courses are taken for make-up, no credits will be accepted for advanced credit.  If three courses are taken for make-up, only one course may be taken for advanced credit.  If two courses are taken for make-up, two more may be taken for advanced credit.
  • Students will NOT be able to take credit recovery coursework in place of courses offered here at NBHS. Students can only use this option after failure of the course (Exception: Early Graduation Student Plans, and irreconcilable scheduling conflicts).
  • If a continuing student has not successfully completed a summer school or credit recovery course by the beginning of the next academic year, that course may be added to the student’s NBHS academic schedule.
  • The final grade for all credit recovery courses will be a “P”(pass) or “N”(failure). These courses will NOT be calculated into the student’s accumulative grade point average.
  • Students are responsible for completing their credit recovery coursework within the specified time limits. In order for a credit recovery credit to count in the current school year, it must be completed by June 1. If it is completed after that date, it will count for the following school year.  The date on the transcript from the credit recovery school will be the official date of completion for all credit recovery coursework.
  • Seniors who are completing coursework in order to graduate must complete their coursework by May 1 (date on transcript). If not, the student will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies that year.
  • Students must complete a minimum of 5% of each course each week to ensure course completion in a timely manner. Failure to progress at this rate will result in disciplinary action or course removal.
  • Students will have to work on courses outside of school hours.


  1. HS Credit in MS



Physical Education and Health are high school courses taken by all students during the eighth grade. Band is also a high school credit when taken as an eighth grade student.  The students are awarded high school credit and the courses count toward graduation requirements. This means that they also count toward the high school grade point average and class rank. Students who are scored as gifted in a content area and/or are approved by a committee of teachers, guidance counselor and the principal may take high school courses in the 8th grade for high school credit.


  1. BYOD


NEW IN 2016: Middle school students are now all issued district owned Chromebooks!  As a result, BYOD  is eliminated in the middle school wing.  At lunch, middle school students may use personal devices, but students must turn devices OFF prior to leaving the auditeria.


High school students are reminded that teachers determine whether or not devices may be used in their classrooms.  Students have no automatic right to use personal devices.  Students who are in the office area may not use devices if they are in trouble.  Students may not wear earbuds/headphones in the hallway areas such as when traveling to/from classes.


The AGARIO RULE: Any student seen playing an online game (such as candy crush and agario) in the school on any device will receive an automatic detention.  Students cannot watch video, such as on youtube, to pass time.  Games and videos must be related to a current educational project.  Sports-related review/scouting films are permitted if the student’s academic work is completed.  While the school takes every precaution to block sites that students use to access games, we cannot block them all.  Students use apps to bi-pass our network security.  So, the AGARIO RULE covers it.  Any student who violates the AGARIO RULE may forfeit the privilege to use school owned devices and/or if the violation occurs on a student device will result in confiscation of the device (consequence one) and require someone listed on the students’ emergency medical form must pick up the device after school.  See #26 “Cell Phones”for further disciplinary consequences.


  1. MS Promotion/Summer Intervention Camp



The North Baltimore middle school teachers believe that academic programs are built on foundations of skills and information presented throughout the year.  Therefore, it is expected that a student must pass the majority of their courses to be successful in the next grade.  Passing is defined as having passing grades both semesters in a course AND/OR showing improvement, not decline, in semester grades.  If these criteria are not met, then students may be offered summer intervention camp (see below).  Success and attendance in summer camp is necessary for promotion to grade 8 or 9.  Families who decline summer intervention camp may be retained in their current grade.  These decisions will be made with the Principal, Supervisor of Special Education (if applicable), all of the student’s teachers and the student’s parents.  The Principal will have a final determination if a group consensus cannot be reached.

Middle School Summer INTERVENTION Camp

Students who do not pass middle school courses need intervention to be successful in the next grade level.  The middle school summer intervention camp runs 4 weeks for 3 ½ hours per day, from 8:00-11:30.  Students who attend must progress through their coursework in 4 weeks and successfully complete the assigned modules of an online curriculum.  Specific goals will be set for students to know their status of completion.  In general, 5% of the modules need to be completed each day in each course.  This may require at-home time.  Students who attend and succeed are advanced to the next grade level.  Students can finish course requirements early at teacher discretion.  Students who do not successfully complete the online curriculum and/or have poor attendance will be retained in their current grade level.


  1. Senior Picnic


In order for a senior to attend the picnic on the last day of school the following criteria must be met:

  1. All graduation requirements must be met. If there is any question to your graduation eligibility, you will stay at school during the picnic and complete coursework.
  2. No ISS or OSS during Semester 2. THIS INCLUDES PENTA SENIORS.  Therefore, if you are assigned a Friday Detention and skip it, you cannot attend the picnic (Failure to serve Friday Detention is ISS).
  3. Must be in attendance the entire day of classes before attending the picnic.
  4. No unexcused absence for the 4th quarter (21 minutes late to school=unexcused absence)
  5. Students graduating early cannot attend the senior picnic
  6. Any student ineligible to attend the senior picnic is also ineligible to attend the senior trip


  1. Drug Testing Procedures


Students who cannot give an immediate sample will be given cups of water to facilitate their ability to give a sample. These students will be kept in a secured area until they are able to produce a sample. If they do not produce a sample within the 45 minute time limit from time of check in, they will be deemed ineligible to participate. The student must then go to the drug testing facility in Perrysburg, OH to provide a sample in person before they can participate in a game or contest. Parents, not the school, are responsible for providing transportation.


  1. Class and Practice Attendance:


Athletes are expected to attend all assigned classes and scheduled practices. Cutting classes or missing practices without a valid excuse will bring about disciplinary action or dismissal from the squad. If a student athlete is absent from practice the day before an event, based on the coach determining the absence was unexcused, then the athlete’s playing time in the event could be limited to the point of no time. This is up to the coach’s discretion.

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