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“Commenting” on NBX Articles Has Returned!

Readers of TheNBXpress.com have been wondering where the comments from the readers have gone or how they might contact NBX or submit stuff. Good News….

As always you can still email: editor@thenbxpress.com!

But once again, at the bottom of most of our articles will be a spot to submit a comment, information or question. YOU WILL BE REQUIRED to enter your COMPLETE and FULL NAME, ie. “Chip Dimund” / “cdimund@email.com”. We will not accept nicknames, acronyms, etc. 

We reserve the right to not post any comment that does not include the complete name and valid email.

Or, if you don’t email – include text/phone number in the comment. WE WILL NOT SPAM YOU!!! But we WILL likely try to contact you to verify your submission and identity.

If you are not willing to put your name to your submission, we sure aren’t willing to post it under ours…

TheNBXpress.com is a privately operated community website serving North Baltimore and the SouthWood, including the Rocky Ford Development Area in northern Hancock County. NBX is operated by JP and Sue Miklovic, NB natives and current residents.

Questions, photos and stuff can also be submitted to:


You can call NBX at 419-581-9629 (please leave a message – we will get back to you).


Leave a comment or information HERE - Must include FIRST & LAST NAME!

419.581.9629 (leave message)
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