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BOWLING GREEN, OH – October 25, 2018 – The Wood County Commissioners, Doris Herringshaw, Craig LaHote, and Ted Bowlus, today passed a resolution stating their opposition to State Issue 1, the proposed amendment to the Ohio Constitution.  The Commissioners urge citizens to vote NO on Issue 1 because, if passed, they believe it will expose citizens across Ohio to increased substance abuse activity, place an undue burden on Wood County taxpayers who will be obligated to pay for treatment services mandated by the new law, further burden county taxpayers who will bear the cost of re-sentencing previously convicted offenders, and attract additional criminal drug activity to Ohio.

Additionally, the Commissioners believe placing this issue in the Ohio Constitution is poor government.  The fight against illegal opioid and substance abuse is being waged on many fronts – Issue 1 will decimate any progress made to this point, and eliminate the ability of Judges and Courts to effectively treat substance abuse.

The resolution is attached.  For additional information, please contact Andrew S. Kalmar, Wood County Administrator.

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