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Committee of the Whole Meeting Held Last Week by Village Council

by JP and Sue Miklovic

The second Tuesday of the month is designated as the “Committee of the Whole” meeting, and is chaired by Council President Art Patterson. Items are generally discussed but not voted on, until the next regular meeting. Council member Matt Beegle was absent, due to a death in his family.

Here are some highlights of the items discussed:

  • We are in the process of purchasing a used EMS vehicle (Public Safety)
  • A new police department dispatcher has been hired(Public Safety)
  • Work is being completed at the Village Park as the weather allows– painting, table repairs, re- shingling, and concrete projects are all being worked on(Public Works)
  • 3 local businesses are planning expansions (no names were shared) (Economic and Community Development)
  • EMS income is on the decline, but the village may be in better financial shape than previously thought. The general fund carryover as budgeted is $384,060.  A “wish list” from the five department heads totals $241,000. Omitting those expenses and adding the income from the sewer tap assessment brings the total to $625,975. (Finance)
  • Village Administrator Allyson Murray also pointed out there has not been a Park Levy for the Village since 1985. The $20,000 the levy produced is now taken from the general fund each year.
  • In response to a question at the first council meeting of the month about nepotism within the village, Ms. Murray shared the personnel policy, which prohibits a supervisor/subordinate relationship within the village.”It’s a small village, so there are bound to be people related,” she said. “I don’t believe this is a problem.” (Personnel, Policy, Ordinance Committee)
  • Councilman Aaron Patterson shared ,”The cemetery fence looks bad. We’ve got a problem” Mayor Goldner, who is head of the Tree Commission, suggested perhaps a line of small trees could replace the deteriorating fence.
  • Councilman Tim Engard added, “I want to thank Doug (Wickard) for fixing the sink hole at the Tee Ball field.”
  • The Council was reminded of the Neighborhood Revitalization grant meeting, which followed the Committee of the Whole meeting.

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