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Congressional Challenger On a Thousand Mile March for Conservatism

VAN WERT — U.S. Congressional candidate Todd Wolfrum wants to lead the country in a more conservative direction and he is taking the steps to prove it.
Wolfrum started walking the Fifth District in northwest Ohio in August. He has been knocking on doors in more than 25 communities and telling Republican voters his views on taxes, health care and his conservative outlook.Like most Americans, Wolfrum wants the Washington Swamp drained of leaders who fail to represent the true values of their constituents. “When I started, I was just trying to get to as many people as possible,” Wolfrum said.

“I’ve had a Fitbit on my wrist for years so I would just jot down at the end of each day going door to door how many miles I’d covered and I realized that I’m very likely going to have over a thousand miles walked through the Fifth District before it’s all over. A thousand miles to deliver a conservative message – it’s become its own thing.”
Wolfrum walked his 300th mile Monday in Sylvania and knocked on his 5,000th door Tuesday, October 3rd in North Baltimore. He is well on his way on his 1,000-mile journey for conservatism.

From Mr. Wolfrum’s facebook page:

A spokesperson for Mr. Wolfrum told us he usually includes a selfie, while visiting communities. While in NB, he stopped by the library to drop off some copies of his book, and snapped a Tiger paw from someone’s driveway or doorstep.
“Republicans have been telling their voters the same things for years and then they disappear after they are elected. I don’t think it’s because they are dishonest, I think it’s because they get comfortable and find making the conservative fight in Washington is too much work. In walking a thousand miles, I think I’m showing voters the thing I fear least is work.”

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