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June 4, 2023 8:56 pm

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Consumer Advice When Buying Firewood

Michael Sibbersen, Wood County Auditor, reminds the consumer that the Weights & Measures division of his office assures that products meet claims for actual weights

and volumes.  As part of these responsibilities, the Auditor’s Weights and Measures division enforces Ohio’s laws defining the units of measurement for firewood sales.

Mr. Sibbersen recommends consumers protect themselves from fraud by following

these tips when purchasing firewood:


  1. Buy firewood by the “cord” – Ohio Law protects consumers

by requiring that firewood be sold by the cord or fraction of

a cord.  Other measurements such as “rick”, “rack” “facecord”,

or “truck load” are illegal and strictly prohibited.


  1. Firewood is defined as:  any kindling, logs, boards, timbers, or

other wood, split or not split, advertised, offered for sale, or

sold as solid fuel.


  1. A “cord” is defined as:  128 cubic feet in volume when well

stowed and tightly stacked.  Traditionally a cord is a stack of

wood 8’ long by 4’ high and 4’ wide.  A properly stacked

cord of wood should have pieces placed parallel to each other

in a compact manner.  Firewood is frequently sold at grocery

stores in small bundles which are measured in fractions of

cubic feet.  Such packaging would be in compliance with the law.


  1. Get a receipt – Firewood sellers must provide a sales invoice to

buyers.  It must contain the name and address of the seller and

buyer, delivery date, quantity delivered, quantity upon which

the price is based, total price of amount delivered, and the

identity of the product in descriptive terms.


  1. Inquire about the source – citizens should inquire about the

source of any firewood they buy and avoid purchasing ash logs.

Ohio Department of Agriculture has enacted a quarantine that

prohibits the movement of any ash material – including firewood

from areas where the Emerald Ash Borer has been found in Lucas,

Wood and many other counties.  There is a $4,000.00 fine for

bringing any ash tree material or firewood into Ohio from Michigan.


If you have any questions concerning the above, please contact the Wood County Auditor’s Office, division of Weights & Measures at 419-354-9156 or toll free at

1-866-860-4140 (Ext 9156).

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