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Council C. O. W. at Hancock-Wood Tonight


The Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Public Meeting will follow COTW at 7 pm, also at Hancock Wood

I. Call to order at 5:30 PM the Public Utilities Committee. Tim Engard- Chair, Leisa Zeigler, Ty Carles members

•Discussion on water service loop
•Discussion on water tower
•Quote for demolition of Jewitt water tower

II. Call to order at 5:45 PM the Finance and Technology Committee. Matt Beegle- Chair, Ty Carles, Art Patterson members

•2016-current midnight shift EMS run data, # of calls
•Average hours per week worked by Chief Walters, % of total hours
•Vehicle needs spreadsheet for next 10 years

1399 Business Park Dr S, North Baltimore, OH 45872

III. Call to order at 6:00 PM the Public Works Committee. Aaron Patterson- Chair, Matt Beegle, Art Patterson members

•Discussion on dump truck/plow utilization
•Discussion on need for outside storm sewer rate
•Update on street repair @ Mitchell & Broadway
•Update on repairs at the park
•Plan for tree trimming
•Plan for catch basin cleaning
•Plan to clean ditch on Eagleville Road
•Discussion on outsourcing village street cleaning in lieu of purchasing sweeper
•Discussion on street paving plan for next few years
•Update on hoods at the Round-a-bout

IV. Call to order at 6:15 PM the Economic and Community Development Committee. Leisa Zeigler- Chair. Matt Beegle, Aaron Patterson members

•North Baltimore Update 2018
•Reminder of Neighborhood Revitalization Grant Meeting at 7pm tonight!!
•Initial discussion on the development of downtown lot
•Working on new 5 Year Plan and Village Mission Statement

V. Call to order at 6:30 PM the Public Safety Committee. Art Patterson- Chair, Tim Engard, Leisa Zeigler members

•Update on Public Safety Day

VI. Call to order at 6:45 PM the Personnel, Policy and Ordinance Review Committee. Ty Carles- Chair, Tim Engard, Aaron Patterson members

•Update on Policy for Full-time vs. Part-time employees
•Update on Policy for Mosquito and Pesticide Spraying

VII. Mayor’s Items

VIII. Tree Commission


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