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Council Meets on Busy Tuesday Night

By Sue Miklovic

It was a busy night at the corner of Broadway and Main St. last Tuesday, November 6, 2018. Both the Village Council and the Wood County Board of Elections were conducting business in the Village Municipal building. While voters were still casting their ballots in another part of the building, the Council held their first meeting for November in their chambers, with all members present.

The meeting began with a prayer for the community and its leadership, led by Pastor Bill Cook from NB Church of Christ. Before his prayer, he told the council members, that the other members of the North Baltimore Ministerial Association and he “Pray for you. That’s just one of the things we do for you”

Village Historian and resident Bonnie Knaggs took the opportunity to address the Council during the “public participation” portion of the agenda. She voiced her concerns over the recycling program being allowed to use the village property to conduct a business that earns them money, without any expense for space, utilities, etc. and to receive the money paid to the village for recycling from the county. She asked if it is legal to use taxpayer money to support a private business in such a manner. “I’m thinking about starting a taxi service of my own, and wondered if you would buy me a car and put gas in it for me, and then let me keep all the money” Village legal counsel Joel Kuhlman assured her it is legal to enter into such a business contract.

Next, the council heard from Wood County Sheriff Mark Wasylyshyn who presented information to them, as they had requested, about County Dispatch services.  He shared costs and provided many statistics, examples, and facts about available resources and upgrades that help provide the most efficient system possible. He mentioned collaborations built through other users of the system and recent upgrades to the state-of-the-art Call Center. He is looking forward to the system being able to accept text messages for help. “In some situations people aren’t able to talk (because they are in extreme danger). It is important to be able to get help quickly to those people,” he said.

Mayor Goldner gave an update to the status of hiring a new village administrator, which is taking a little longer than hoped for. Some candidates have been interviewed but “We are waiting on reference checks” she and Council President Art Patterson said. Councilman Aaron Patterson commented, “This is something that needs to be filled”. Mayor Goldner replied, “This is too important a decision to hurry. We want to be sure we get the right person.”

Other topics discussed Tuesday include:

* The Nature Works Grant is completed and final paperwork submitted (resurfacing ball courts at park)

* A one-year contract with American Signal for village-wide announcements was approved.

*Councilman Aaron Patterson suggested the council consider spending some money being set aside for paving the 100 block of N. Main Street on other possible streets, since the ODOT grant has been delayed again, this time until 2020. He wants to replenish the fund with the money received annually from the current streets levy. Councilman Ty Carles added, “We’ve got to show we’re doing something.”

*Updates and changes to the “Brush Pick up” Policy and a “Drop-Off” policy will be discussed at the next meeting.

* The Finance Oficer reported an increase in tax receipts for October 2018 (17% over October 2017) She also is still working to finalize the 2019 budget appropriations.

* Council agreed to a one year contract with Black Swamp Location Strategies for Economic Development assistance for the village.

*A Fall tree removal contract was offered to Oberlander Tree Service. Twenty-eight trees plus some stumps will be removed.

* There is a cross-walk change in front of D.S. Brown Company.

*The Mayor read a Proclamation for the observance of the 100 year Anniversary of the Armistice (WWI). “Bells of Peace” will ring at Village Hall on November 11th at 11:00a.m. Editor’s note: The proclamation is printed elsewhere on theNBXpress

* The Mayor announced the Chamber of Commerce will hold a “Good Ole Summertime” planning meeting on November 29th.

*Coming Soon for the Holidays: The Mayor announced Santa will arrive in the Village on December 5th

At the conclusion of the regular meeting, the Council went into Executive Session. Resulting from that meeting, was the appointing of Officer Scott Herrick as Assistant Police Chief. The vote was 5-1 with Councilman Matt Beegle voting no.



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