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County Commissioners Hear From North Point Development Logistics Park for NB

by JP Miklovic, TheNBXpress.com

Developers are asking for a 15-year, 100% property tax abatement, in exchange for the potential of up to $250 million in investments and up to 2,000 jobs on the 122-acre development with a “world class industrial/logistics park” tied to the CSX Intermodal.

The Main Entrance at CSX on State Route 18 – Deshler Rd. two miles west of North Baltimore Ohio – NBXpress photo by JP Miklovic

According to Wood County Commission Meeting Minutes, David Robinson and Nate Green from North Point Development met with the Wood County Commissioners, Tuesday, Feb. 14, 2019, following the adjournment of their regular meeting.

CSX Northwest Ohio Intermodal – NBXpress stock photo by JP Miklovic – June 2015 – “Office Car Special”

The men provided a description of a proposed development in Henry Township, two miles west of North Baltimore on Start Route 18. Wood County Economic Development Director Wade Gottschalk and BG Independent News journalist Jan Larson-McLaughlin were present.

Please visit this article posted by Jan Larson, the BG Independent News:

NBX Content: Below is a photo from a set of drawings supplied by NorthPoint to the Henry Township Trustees. The development sits between the southwest corner of Liberty High Road, along State Route 18 west to Wingston Road, where the Main Entrance of the CSX Intermodal Yard is located. (photo by JP Miklovic, TheNBXpress.com)

Link to NorthPoint website more info…

The “plan” from NorthPoint, photo by JP Miklovic for TheNBXpress.com – courtesy of the Henry Township Trustees .

TheNBXpress.com will be bringing you much more as the developments continue regarding this potentially massive project two miles west of North Baltimore.

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