North Baltimore, Ohio

October 24, 2021 5:32 pm


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Crimes of Opportunity – LOCK YOUR STUFF

If something doesn’t seem right when you, or your pet, are awakened in the middle  of the night (other than to pee), then something probably isn’t right…

Residents need to lock their garage, house, shed and vehicle doors at night! A spat of “enterings” happened the other night, so WE need to pay attention and do our part!

North Baltimore Police Chief Allan Baer says that there were reports filed for four unlocked garages entered and about eight cars (unlocked) entered.  These are the reported calls.  Nothing of “value” was taken…. sunglasses…. radio face plate, a 3 inch mini mag lite and 2 gas cans…These reports were in the area of West Water St., West Popular and South Second St.

Chief Baer reiterated that by reporting these incidents to NBPD,  the police are able to direct patrols to affected areas.  Officers can then vary patrol techniques, such as Blacked Out patrol… High Visibility Patrol…. unmarked vehicle patrol… plain clothes, foot patrols…. surveillance… etc.  If people DON’T report, then we can’t attempt to catch! But, the first step is securing your property with locks and lights!

2 Responses

  1. Does the NBPD have an unmarked vehicle? Do they have enough officers on duty to do a “plain clothes” patrol? Most of us citizens know that they have 1 officer on duty. Hopefully they catch these people who are probably well known in the area as being local drug addicts.

  2. I live in the area and always have been vigilant…..I will be extra vigilant and I know the rules for home defense!

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