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CSX Named To Top 100 Green Companies In The U.S. By Newsweek Green Rankings

JACKSONVILLE, Fla., June 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — CSX was again named to Newsweek’s Green Rankings for environmental efficiency and sustainable business practices. CSX has been included on the ranking since it was created in 2009, and in 2015, the company ranked 96th among U.S. companies.

“Rail is the most environmentally efficient way to move freight on land, and CSX is continually pursuing new technologies and initiatives to further increase our sustainability,” said Michael Ward, CSX chairman and chief executive officer. “We appreciate this recognition of our efforts to offer our customers a safe, reliable transportation solution that simultaneously reduces their environmental footprint.”

Recent sustainability initiatives at CSX include incorporating environmentally friendly development features in new facilities and undergoing an LED lighting retrofitting program in existing buildings and terminals. The company also continues to invest in technological advances in fuel efficiency, such as the Trip Optimizer locomotive fuel efficiency software created with GE and Evolution Series locomotives. As a result, CSX moved one ton of freight an average of 483 miles on one gallon of fuel in 2014, the company’s most fuel-efficient year ever.

CSX’s sustainability strategy is focused on three main areas: reducing the environmental footprint of operations, engaging openly on sustainability issues, and supporting sustainable development. The company discloses performance data through the Carbon Disclosure Project and Dow Jones Sustainability Index.  CSX also releases an annual Corporate Social Responsibility Report, which measures progress on environmental performance and sets goals for the future.

Newsweek’s Green Rankings are based on eight indicators: energy productivity, carbon productivity, water productivity, waste productivity, sustainability pay link, sustainability board committee, audited environmental metrics and a green revenue score. The data is compiled by Corporate Knights Capital and HIP Investor, and the results are overseen by an advisory panel. This year’s ranking is based on 2013 performance year data, given the lag time in environmental data availability.

The complete list of the Newsweek Green Rankings is available on its website at http://www.newsweek.com/green-2015. For more information on CSX’s sustainability strategy and recent environmental highlights, please visit www.csxcsr.com.

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