North Baltimore, Ohio

November 28, 2021 3:11 am


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Did You Notice?

The NB Roundabout is 100% illuminated!

Village workers change out bulbs…

The State of Ohio really didn’t do North Baltimore any favors in building that roundabout on South Main Street back in 2012. We are glad that the CSX Intermodal truck traffic is not churning through Downtown NB (as the trains do)…

Anyway, the village is responsible for the lighting in the NB Roundabout, that many folks still don’t utilize or want to utilize. So just a few weeks back there were as many of 12 of the lights burned out or otherwise not functioning. But as of the other night, they were 100% ON.

We believe that all if not most of the bulbs in these 30-some odd lights have been converted to more efficient LED bulbs, this was a cost borne by “the village”.

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