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Downtown Clean-up Project Cancelled for Saturday


3 thoughts on “Downtown Clean-up Project Cancelled for Saturday”

  1. It saddens me to see news stories like this. Although I live in another state I will be happy to come and help if I have enough notice in the spring. North Baltimore played an extremely important role in my life and I am indebted to the community in so many way. The tasks become simple when many hands are involved. You can count on the two I have to help in the spring.

  2. downtown is pretty clean. New sidewalks and street lights. New pavement.

    Not sure why people in the town have such a parochial mindset. I’ve heard some say that they never go to the north or south side of town. The town is very small. If the current residents don’t want to support the businesses, perhaps someone should buy up the properties, gentrify the community as a convenient location to commute to BG and Findlay, and get new residents who would appreciate what they have.

    1. I’ll tell you one thing, trains are ruining North Baltimore. Something needs to be done closer to downtown to where pedestrians and vehicles can safely cross the tracks when trains are either stopped or moving slow as a snail. The amount of train traffic has just become too much. Surely CSX can afford to support something like this?

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