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November 28, 2021 3:45 am


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Dunk Tank Line-up Announced

There’s nothing more fun than being the first person to get the person on the seat in the dunk tank wet. Here is the line-up of guests for next weekend’s Good Ole Summertime Day, July 27,2019.

12:00pm: Lane Bishop

 12:30pm: Tyler Bowen

 1pm: Dalton Teaford

 1:30pm: Brendan Hutchins

 2pm: Mr. Daniels
2:30pm Hank Matthes

3pm: Mrs. Semancik

 3:30pm: Brody Naugle

4pm: Lauren Neipp

 4:30pm: Breanna Kreais
 5pm: Abby Buchanan
 5:30pm Rhiannon Powell
 6pm: Kalyeah Powell
 6:30pm: Meg Empcke

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