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Earth Day At Powell

Celebrating Earth Day At Powell Elementary in North Baltimore – April 22, 2015

This year we are going to clean up the yard and do some planting!

The students will be responsible for digging the holes, planting and watering all plants. The plants/flowers will be used in one of the two planter boxes, to decorate the Pergola area or go around the Wymer Memorial and sidewalks. We want to do our part to make our earth and school beautiful. Each class will be assigned a duty.

We are in need of plants/flowers. We are asking as a family if you would help by donating either money($3.00/family) or plants for us to use. We are looking for nice hardy plants as we will not be around for the summer to water them. Or will we?

Please send the donations in by April 17th.

Earth Day at Powell

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