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June 6, 2023 6:22 pm

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Election Results 2021

Here are some unofficial election results from those posted by the Wood County Board of Elections website for the November 2, 2021 contests:

Unofficial Election Results
General Election
November 2, 2021
Wood County, OH

Village Council for NORTH BALTIMORE VILLAGE (Vote for 4)

Candidate Party Total
Bill Cook 271 votes 35.29% *
Timothy G. Pelton 234votes 30.47% *
Write-In 263 34.24%
Stacey Gazarek WRITE-IN 38votes  4.95%
Paula Beaupry WRITE-IN 136votes  17.71% *
DeeAnne Hosmer WRITE-IN 89votes 11.59% *

Township Trustee for HENRY TWP (Vote for 2)

Candidate Party Total
Jim Casey 263 votes  26.12%  *
Tom Gazarek 171votes 16.98%
Henry Carl Matthes, III 227votes  22.54%
Nick Stahl 83 8.24%
James L. Wymer, Jr. 263votes  26.12%  *

Board of Education for NORTH BALTIMORE SD (Vote for 3)

Candidate Party Total
Timothy J. Archer, Jr. 432votes 37.47% *
Jeremy Z. Sharninghouse 375votes 32.52% *
Joshua Stufft 346 votes 30.01% *

Wood County Committee on Aging Replacement and Additional (Vote for 1)

Candidate Party Total
For The Tax Levy 15,673votes 73.60%  *
Against The Tax Levy 5,623votes 26.40%

North Baltimore Village Increase 0.5 Percent Income (Vote for 1)

Candidate Party Total
For The Income Tax 180votes 40.27%
Against The Income Tax 267votes 59.73%  *

For more information on other contests, visit the Wood County Board of Elections website or follow this link:


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