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Fall Athletics Jamboree This Friday!

The Fall Jamboree featuring Meet the Team and a football game vs. Lakota takes place this Friday at Memorial Field here in North Baltimore.
Meet the Team starts at 5:15.
All fall athletes will be recognized.
The athletic boosters will distribute hot dog and canned pop vouchers to the first 240 people. Limited concessions also will be available.
The game against Lakota will start at 6pm
Cost for the event:
$2 for students
$3 for adults
Free to fall athletes only

7 thoughts on “Fall Athletics Jamboree This Friday!”

  1. Who’s getting the money from this? And who’s ever heard about paying to get in a scrimmage? I hope the away team knows about this.

  2. I may be mistaken, but I believe this is an OHSAA “thing”, new this year. If a football team wants to have 3 scrimmages, the 3rd is to be played as a “game” and they must charge admission. The schools are most likely being charged (more than $200!!) to do this, so they need to recoup the costs from fans.
    If this is, in fact, correct then I believe complaints should be directed to the Ohio High School Athletic Association. Or maybe our AD should opt-out since we are already paying for our children to participate in extra-curricular activities, along with uniform costs, camps, shoes, etc. I’m not sure how much more our meager incomes can support…

  3. We could complain and ask questions about this or we could all go out and support the kids in this town at a cost of a medium pizza or 6 pack. With or without an athlete on the team I will and would be there. I’ve never seen people question a couple bucks to go have a great time and show support for our athletes. Be the first 240 and the boosters give you lunch/snack/dinner….for $3? Seems like they are trying to give the money back to an extent. Does anyone think that Perrysburg, Vansouth, Liberty Benton, McComb would be questioned or complained to over this? NO.
    Our students work hard, come home battered and bruised, stay up late doing school work, and compete for the pride of school and town. Maybe we should not ask about such trivial stuff and give back to them without complaint! I’ll pay my $3 with a smile!

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