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June 2, 2023 11:51 pm

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Final BVC Football Stats for 2014

The Blanchard Valley Conference released the final statistics for the 2014 football season. In addition, we have included the All-BVC teams as selected by a vote of the coaches in the league.

Congrats to North Baltimore’s Sean Watson (Wide Receiver) for being named to the All-BVC 2nd Team; to ¬†Lane Bishop (Quarter Back) and Jacob Dick (Line Backer) for being named to the All-BVC 3rd Team. Also, Noah Brian, Levi Newcomer and T. J. Harshman, who were named Honorable Mention.

Watson caught 41 passes for 689 yards and 5 TD’s; Bishop totaled ¬†3,259 total yards, of the team’s 4,061 total yards for the season!

BVC 2014 stats final football standings

BVC 2014 stats final team offence defense
BVC 2014 stats final 1

BVC 2014 stats final tackles

BVC 2014 stats final football all BVC

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One Response

  1. Wow, lopsided stats! bishop has more touchdowns more yards(by over 800 yds) than the first team qb, and has 20 total touchdowns more than the second team qb, and 1500+ more yards and doesnt even get mentioned. I gues the bvc is as lopsided as our government

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