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FINANCE OFFICER’S REPORT – Council Meeting – Mar 1, 2016

FINANCE OFFICER’S REPORT – Council Meeting – Mar 1, 2016

Chris Kirk, NB Village Finance Officer

1) Income tax collections 2016 vs. 2015 as of 2/26/2016:

Village Finance Income Tax Table Feb 2016

*NOTE* I will now be reporting the income taxes collected for EMS (21.5% of total collections) along with the amounts collected for village operations.

2) The Bill List from 2/13/2016 – 2/26/2016 is included for council review and approval on the claims ordinance.

3) February Great Lakes collections and the February Fund Report will be distributed at next week’s COTW

4) 2015 Financial statements have been completed and filed with the state. They are in my office should anyone want to review them.

5) At next week’s COTW I will be going over the 2015 year-end financial overview. I will also be presenting a few payment options for the construction of a new radio communication tower.

6) The state approved our auditor’s request to move our upcoming annual audits to a two year audit performed in 2017, rather than two consecutive audits performed in both 2016 and 2017. This will save the village $8,860.00

a. Appropriation Ordinance 2016-04: Adding $2,349.44 to the fire dept. budget for the repair of the equipment truck. This is being spent from the General Fund carryover.

b. Appropriation Ordinance 2016-05: Adding $964.16 to the finance budget. When renewing our copier lease, part of the deal was MT Business Technologies would disburse funds to the village for the purchase of two desktop scanners. We received this disbursement and this ordinance is in the same amount.

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