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FINANCE OFFICER’S REPORT – Council Meeting – Mar 15, 2016

by Chris Kirk, North Baltimore Village Finance Officer

1) The Bill List from 2/27/2016 – 3/11/2016 is included for council review and approval on the claims ordinance.

2) Collections to Note:

a. NB Board of Education – SRO fees to date: $7,363.25
b. NB Board of Education – Ballfield usage fee(2): $550.00
c. Bureau of Workers Comp – Power cot grant: $29,406.14
d. Wood County – First Half Real Estate Disbursement: $230,257.95

3) The Attorney General Collection contract for outstanding EMS fees for non-residents is ready to submit. Requesting a motion from council to enter into this agreement with the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. There is no cost to the Village for these services, all fees are assessed to the respective individual. I have placed a copy of the contract in each of your boxes.


a. Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $10,000.00 to various utility budgets for the purchase of additional meters for the meter replacement project. The emergency measure is because this equipment is needed to finish the project. This will come from 511, 521, 573, 574 carryovers.

b. Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $29,406.14 to the EMS Equipment budget. This represents the BWC portion of the Power Cot grant. The Village received the BWC portion in late February and this appropriation is in the same amount. The emergency measure is so we can order the equipment and install the machinery as soon as possible.

c. Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $1,315,000.00 to the Wastewater Capital Improvement budget for the WWTP Headworks project. The low bid was Peterson construction for the same amount. This will be funded by remaining USDA loan proceeds.


d. Appropriation Ordinance 2016-04: Adding $2,349.44 to the fire dept. budget for the repair of the equipment truck. This is being spent from the General Fund carryover.

e. Appropriation Ordinance 2016-05: Adding $964.16 to the finance budget. When renewing our copier lease, part of the deal was MT Business Technologies would disburse funds to the village for the purchase of two desktop scanners. We received this disbursement and this ordinance is in the same amount.

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