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FINANCE OFFICER’S REPORT – Chris Kirk – Council Meeting – Nov 17, 2015

1) The Bill List from 10/31 – 11/13 is included for council review and approval on the claims ordinance.

2) Collections to Note:

a. SRO fees to date: $8,612.11

b. Time Warner Cable: 3Q Franchise Fees – $4,585.29

c. Disc Golf Donations as of 11/12/2015

i. Bob Kelley Chevy-Buick: $400.00
ii. North Baltimore Dental: $400.00
iii. Hancock Wood: $200.00
iv. Carol Hetrick: $50.00
v. Margaret Thomas: $50.00
vi. Ankney Insurance: $200.00
vii. American Legion: $500.00
viii. Caseys Sales & Service: $400.00
ix. Patterson Sanitation: $400.00
x. Eagles: $800.00
Total: $3,400.00

Disc Golf Fund balance at 1/1/15: $850.00

Total DG funds available: $4,250.00

3) Ordinance explanation:


1) Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $5,000 to the Tree Commission Budget for additional work to be performed.

2) Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $4,000 to the Disc Golf Budget for the purchase of materials. Mr. Hetrick provided me a quote for supplies in the amount of $3,745.23. The reason for the emergency measure is because the materials have been ordered.

3) Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $275.76 to the Cemetery Maintenance Budget. These funds were a donation from Hancock Wood for the Noah Pelton Eagle Scout Project. The reason for the emergency measure is because the project is already underway.


1) Annual Appropriation Ordinance 2015-75: Annual budget for fiscal year 2016 to receive its second reading. The only change that was made from its first reading is a $20,000 transfer from the General Fund to the 901 fund for a new fire ladder truck.

2) Wage Resolution 05-2015: Establishes pay rates for village employees for fiscal year 2016. This was a management recommendation from our 2014 audit. This has been updated per the finance meeting and council recommendations. I have listed the EMS Chief as a salaried position with a wage TBD.

I spoke with the EMS chief in McComb. His 2014 annual wage was roughly $51,500. To allow room for growth, I am recommending this position be listed as a category 15 (48,084.78 – 62,510.21). I have amended the Pay Range Assignment sheet to show this position as a pay level 15. Seeking approval for the amended Pay Range Assignment sheet.


1) Appropriation Ordinance 2015-68: Adding $21,189.96 to the park budget for the purchase of playground equipment. This purchase is supported by a county grant in the same amount. The village will be receiving the grant funds in 2016.

2) Ordinance 2015–69: Amending the village tax code: Upon the state passing HB 5, there are changes that need to be made to the Village tax code. This ordinance was a template received from CCA. They provided this to all of their member communities. I have updated the ordinance to include the repeal of the residence tax credit, the 1% village income tax rate, and the 21.5% of income tax proceeds to be earmarked for EMS operations in 2016. These changes were recommended by CCA.

3) Ordinance 2015–70: Approving the creation of a new fund: Per the management recommendations from our 2014 audit, this fund is required by the state. This will house the revenue received from the Mayor’s Court Computer fees paid.

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