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FINANCE OFFICER’S REPORT  – submitted by Chris Kirk, Village Finance Officer – Council Meeting – Nov 3, 2015

Income tax collections 2015 vs. 2014 as of 10/30/2015:

Month                   2015                     2014           2015 Over/Under

Jan                        49,240                  75,676                  (26,436)

Feb                       56,150                  50,883                     5,267

Mar                       48,628                  60,840                  (12,212)

Apr                        90,700                  97,155                  (6,455)

May                       72,591                  71,073                    1,518

June                      68,230                  60,320                    7,910

July                       70,278                  53,452                  16,826

Aug                       57,623                  48,010                     9,613

Sep                       54,540                  49,602                     4,938

Oct                        66,662                  62,155                     4,507

Totals          634,642          629,166               5,476

The Bill List from 10/17 – 10/30 is included for council review and approval on the claims ordinance.

Collections to Note:

Morton Salt Claim: $918.57

Cemetery Farm Lease – Schroeder Farms: $2169.37

Fire Dept FEMA Grant: $74,855.00

Disc Golf Donations as of 10/30/2015

Bob Kelley Chevy-Buick: $400.00
North Baltimore Dental: $400.00
Hancock Wood:       $200.00
Carol Hetrick:       $50.00
Margaret Thomas:       $50.00
Ankney Insurance:       $200.00
American Legion:       $500.00
Caseys Sales & Service: $400.00
Patterson Sanitation: $400.00
Eagles:       $800.00

Total –       $1,800.00

Great Lakes Collections did not send me any collection information prior to the 11/3/2015 council meeting. I will distribute this information at the 11/10/15 COTW.

The October Revenue Report will be distributed at next week’s COTW.

With the age of our utility bill printer, we have been examining alternative utility bill printing methods for 2016. I will be presenting this information at the 11/10/15 COTW

Ordinance explanations:


Ordinance 2015-67 appropriated $3,320.00 to pay for the reverse 911. This ordinance was approved at the 10/20 meeting.  The account listed on this ordinance was incorrect.  I have included a new ordinance listing the correct account.

Requesting repeal of Ordinance 2015-67 and passage of the corrected ordinance in the same amount.

Appropriation Ordinance: Adding $78,795.00 to the Fire dept. budget. Chief Francisco was awarded a sizeable FEMA grant to purchase radio equipment.  The Village received the first disbursement of the grant in the amount of $74,855.  The $3,940.00 being appropriated is the village portion of the grant.  The $3,940 is being expended from general fund carryover.  The emergency measure is because we have been invoiced by Motorola Solutions and would like to pay to receive the equipment.

Appropriation Ordinance: Adding 364,188.00 to the Water and Wastewater budgets. These funds are to be used for the utility metering project.  The reason for the emergency measure is because we would like to begin the work as soon as possible.

Annual Appropriation Ordinance: Annual budget for fiscal year 2016 to receive its first reading. I have distributed additional information for this ordinance listing specific line item amounts and fund balances.


Wage Resolution 05-2015: Establishes pay rates for village employees for fiscal year 2016. This was a management recommendation from our 2014 audit.  This has been updated per the finance meeting and council recommendations.

Also updated and included for council approval: New pay scale to include a full time EMS Chief and part time EMS employee classifications to begin in 2016.  Requesting approval of these pay scale changes.

Appropriation Ordinance 2015-68: Adding $21,189.96 to the park budget for the purchase of playground equipment. This purchase is supported by a county grant in the same amount.  The village will be receiving the grant funds in 2016.

Ordinance 2015–69: Amending the village tax code: Upon the state passing HB 5, there are changes that need to be made to the Village tax code. This ordinance was a template received from CCA.  They provided this to all of their member communities.  I have updated the ordinance to include the repeal of the residence tax credit, the 1% village income tax rate, and the 21.5% of income tax proceeds to be earmarked for EMS operations in 2016.  These changes were recommended by CCA.

Ordinance 2015–70: Approving the creation of a new fund: Per the management recommendations from our 2014 audit, this fund is required by the state.  This will house the revenue received from the Mayor’s Court Computer fees paid.

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