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March 25, 2023 10:09 pm

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Finance Officer’s Report to Council – Nov. 4

North Baltimore Village Finance Officer’s Report to Council – November 4, 2014

  • Income tax collections 2014 vs. 2013 as of 10/31/2014:

Month                   2014                     2013           2014 Over/Under

January                75,676                  75,569                107

February              50,883                  50,321                562

March                   60,840                  46,861             13,979

April                      97,156                  66,759             30,397

May                       71,530                  84,295            (12,765)

June                      56,892                  87,401            (30,509)

July                       53,452                  47,136               6,316

Aug                       48,010                  54,383              (6,373)

Sep                       49,602                  38,572              11,030

Oct                        62,155                  109,578           (47,423)   

Total               (39,644)

  • The accounts payable list for Oct 22 – Oct 31 is included for council review and approval on the Claims Ordinance.
  • Difference in income tax collections – 2014 vs 2013
  1. Decrease in collections: Taxes withheld from employees
  2. Decrease in collections: Taxes withheld from Businesses
  3. Decrease in collections: Estimated taxes withheld for the next filing year.
  • Collections to note:
    1. S. Brown donation to NB Police – $250.00
    2. Eagles donation to NB Police – $750.00

Note: Chief Baer has requested these amounts be added to his budget.

  • Upcoming Legislation (11/18)
    1. Clean Up Ordinance
    2. Transfer Ordinance
    3. Revenue Adjustment Ordinance
  • Ordinance Explanation:
  1. Appropriation ordinance – D.S. Brown and Eagles donation to the Police department.
  • Great Lakes EMS collections are listed as a separate
  • The 2015 budget will be presented at the 11/11 COTW and its first reading will be on 11/18. It will receive three readings prior to year end.
  • The village has signed with Benefit Strategies and Medical Mutual for the Village’s 2015 healthcare coverage with an increase of 11.87% from 2014. There have not been any changes in coverage.
  • The village has signed with PEP for property and liability insurance for coverage in 2015.
  • There is a resident whose previous employer was incorrectly withholding North Baltimore Tax from his paychecks.  The tax years span from 2008-2013.  Per CCA this is a legitimate claim and they mentioned he is due a refund.  The issue is that tax years from 2008-2010 are out of statute and can only be paid with the Village’s consent.  Years 2011-2013 will be going through the process automatically.
  1. From 2008-2013, this refund is roughly a few hundred dollars.
  1. The Income Tax Review Board has agreed to refund the entire amount from 2008-2013.
  • I have been in touch with PEP and Huntington regarding the check fraud. It appears this will be an approved claim with PEP, and we will be potentially reimbursed for the full amount.
  • During this period of transition, both April and myself were able to effectively complete utility billing procedures, and the utility bills were sent out on time. It is worth noting that April Dick has been a large part of this smooth transition – she has been a valuable asset in the operation of the administrative office.

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