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March 25

Flag at NBHS Historical Marker Lit at Night

by JP Miklovic

Last Saturday morning a concerned NB citizen and veteran (thanks for your service) contacted TheNBXpress to see if we could “shed some light”, so to speak, on why there wasn’t a light on the flag at the recently installed pole at the historical marker at the southwest corner of South 2nd and West State Streets.

Without verifying whether there was a light installed or not, I sent a couple of emails to village officials (on a holiday weekend mind you), asking about a light. The next day (Sunday), when I drove by the site, I realized that there was what appeared to be a light on the top of the pole.

Now, I have no idea as to when the light was actually installed, I never really paid attention, I guess. And, I really don’t drive in the dark all that much.

Not wanting to assume anything, I went back later that night in the dark to verify that the light was operational.

Here are the results of that trip:

Thank you to the lighter of the flag at the “Old” North Baltimore High School Historical Marker!

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