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Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

Years ago, when I was a volunteer coordinator and I wanted to make sure that my volunteers read a particular email, I would always have the subject line as “Food!” Worked every time. I’m seeing if it works for articles as well. This really is about food, so keep going…

Perhaps you saw several boys dressed in blue uniforms dashing around town this past weekend. I saw them up close and personal, since two were mine. The Cub Scouts of Pack 372 were out plastering the North Baltimore, Ohio with yellow and green door tags to publicize the upcoming event “Scouting for Food.” See, food. Just like I promised. Another paragraph or two. It is worth it.

The boys completed a service project, which will continue with the Boy Scouts’ participation this upcoming week. On Saturday, October 21st, please place a donation of non-perishable food items in a bag on your porch by 9:00 am. This food will then be collected by the Boy Scouts and delivered to our local food pantries to help feed our friends and families. (Please no glass containers or expired food.)

Since every item is appreciated, we don’t want to miss even one! If your donation hasn’t been picked up by noon on Saturday, please contact CubMaster, Eric Trout at (419) 262-3967. You can either call or text your address.

Thanks for sticking with it. Now please go gather up some food, and let’s try to make this the most successful drive these guys have ever had. Thanks in advance to all of you, and to all of the Scouts that make this possible!

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