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June 4, 2023 7:42 pm

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Ghanbari: Consider Animal Adoption

BOWLING GREEN – State Rep. Haraz N. Ghanbari (R-Perrysburg) encourages residents throughout the area looking to adopt a pet to look no further than their local animal rescue.

“I’d really like to tip my hat off to everything the Wood County Humane Society continues to do for rescued animals in our communities,” said Ghanbari. “Even during the pandemic, they managed to help the lives of so many animals and I commend their staff and volunteers for their great efforts.”

Ghanbari, who recently toured the Bowling Green facility located on Van Camp Road, was impressed with the operations of the local humane society serving the residents of Wood County as well their partnerships with animal shelters and other humane societies across the county. According to the Wood County Annual Report of 2020, the organization still had a highly productive year by saving over 700 animals amid the hardships brought on by the deadly COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the difficulties, Wood County Humane Society Board of Directors President Dr. Heath A. Diehl applauded last year’s successful outcomes.

“While the pandemic has been tough, we’re pleased to have steady adoptions throughout the last year,” said Dr. Diehl. “We’re really thrilled Representative Ghanbari and others have adopted from us and it’s about giving these animals several chances at forever homes. It’s gratifying to know that one or more animals will get this chance at adoptions.”

While saving and training hundreds of animals thanks to staff and volunteers, the organization also had repairs and renovations to help improve the quality of the facility for the animals.

“Our family has long been passionate about the opportunity to rescue,” said Ghanbari. “In December of 2019 we welcomed Sunny, a Boxer Pitbull Mix, into our family who we rescued through the Lucas County Pix Crew. Most recently we rescued Trooper, a German Shepard puppy, who came from Texas to the Wood County Humane Society. Sunny and Trooper are both under the age of one; they are healthy and doing incredibly well in their new home.”

Ghanbari noted his family’s previous dogs Gunny, 15, and Homer, 13, passed during the summer of 2019. They rescued Gunny, a Belgium Malinois Pit Bull mix, 14 years ago from the Eisenhower Animal Welfare League while living in Northern Virginia. Homer, a Boxer Pit Bull Mix, was rescued 13 years ago from a family who was unable to take care of a litter of unexpected puppies.

Trooper and Sunny join the Ghanbari family….

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