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Gleaner Arbor Serves at Hot Air Balloon Festival

Saturday, August 11 at 7:30am the weather was very foggy in Findlay, Ohio That didn’t stop Gleaner Arbor members from coming out to prepare a water stop, to serve runners in the Up, Up & Away 5k. Proceeds go to support Special Olympics in Hancock County. The race got underway at 8am.

As runners passed Elijah Cunningham, Courtney VanHorn, Craig Swope, Leah Trout, Jamie Cunningham, Alex Trout and Tammy Trout handed out water while Elaine Swope supplied them with more filled cups. Eric Trout filled cups and Russ Cunningham raked dropped cups off the road and out of the grass.

Halfway through the race, the fog lifted enough for a few hot air balloons to be seen flying overhead.

They were headed for Emory Adams Park, which is where the 5k was finishing. Gleaner served 216 of the 334 finishers. We even had a few runners say, “just throw the water at me”. With the fog came 98% humidity so runners were feeling it’s effects. This is how the Gleaner NB Arbor closed out their FY 17/18 activities.

Submitted by Elaine Swope

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