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Golf Carts & Grass Clippings on Streets in NB

A few reminders for citizens regarding golf carts and blowing grass clippings into the roadway.

GOLF CARTS on Village Streets…

Only street legal and properly licensed golf carts are allowed on the streets here in town. Golf carts must obey all traffic laws, traffic signals and rules of the road!

Please visit the NB Police Dept. on North Main to have your cart inspected. Also, you must be a licensed driver to drive on village streets in your carts.

NO grass clippings in streets

PLEASE do not blow your cut grass into streets, road or alleys! Blow the cut grass back into your lawn. Bicycle and motorcycle rider safety can depend on your cooperation. AND it IS the “law”!

ALSO – Keep the cut grass out of our storm sewers. This will save on costs and prolong the life of our storm sewer system. Thanks for your assistance and cooperation!

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