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GOST Meeting Thursday – Input & Help Needed

Your input, interest, help, ideas etc… are wanted!

YOU’RE INVITED!      GOST 2018 Planning Meeting / Lunch .
When: Thursday, October 12th
Where: NB Village hall
Time: Noon
Lunch will be provided
* If you have ideas, input, questions regarding the festival – we want you!
* If you are interested in volunteering/helping in some way for the 2018 GOST festival – we want you!
* If you are interested in possibly chairing an event – we want you!
* If you have a new event to add to the festival – we want you!
If you cant make the meeting but have questions, concerns, input, ideas, let us know. 
Helpers and volunteers are needed to keep this festival alive! 
Volunteers could consist of you as the member rep or your employees can represent your company.
NOTE: Another meeting will be scheduled in an evening time slot for those who cannot make this daytime meeting

The GOST 2018 Committee

One thought on “GOST Meeting Thursday – Input & Help Needed”

  1. There is a few people that put in A LOT of time for this that people have no clue about! I know they are tired because no one wants to help anymore. I think it needs to not happen for a while and see if they have enough help in 5 years or so.
    The downtown looks awful the Sunday morning with trash all over the walks and road. It makes me sick!
    Other towns have it down with so much help, maybe they need to be contacted.

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