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August 15, 2022 9:48 pm


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“Habits Habits Habits”

I’ve begun to read the 25th Anniversary Edition of a book: “Care of the Soul” by spiritual writer Thomas Moore. When I read the book 25 years ago, it was quite helpful for my spiritual journey. At one point, the author spoke of how busy our world is. Since we’re busier now than we were 25 years ago, caring for one’s soul certainly important in today’s world.

The author teaches that an essential way to care for the soul is to pause in the busyness of life. To be spiritually healthy, we need to take time to be aware of the soul, and of the divine within us, around us, above us. Jesus once said, “the Kingdom of Heaven is within you.” It’s spiritually healthy to tend to such an essential part of who we are.

So we need to pause everyday, and often during the day. Halting the busyness everyday, even for a few moments, is a habit that will keep our souls synchronized with God.


I’ve been suggesting, for years, that there are many opportunities (triggers, if you will) that can help keep our souls healthy. For example, whenever I hear a siren, I stop and pray for whatever is happening. I try to remember to pray when I’m waiting in line to make a purchase in a store. This is a great time of year to pray for those shopping for those working, and especially for those grieving during the holiday season. As often as we find ourselves waiting for a train, we could pause and pray!

It’s an ancient practice to care for our souls by pausing before every meal and give thanks to God. We take care of our souls when we read from the Bible everyday, even if it’s one verse a day. Write down a favorite verse or two and place it someplace you will see it daily. Some people find it helpful to go to a cemetery to pause and remember, to focus the soul on love, goodness, God’s gift of life, and God’s promise of eternal life.

I recently thought of a new time to pause a moment and tend to my soul: when I turn off the television, my computer, or my tablet. I’m trying to develop the habit of taking that brief moment of silence to turn to God in prayer. Weekly worship is certainly an ancient, and God-ordained time to pause, remember, give thanks, pray, sing, and experience God’s presence.

Such spiritual habits help keep our souls synchronized with God.

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