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September 26, 2021 9:22 am


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“He Died” by Pastor Ralph J Mineo

25 years ago, I wrote a Good Friday song which I sing for my personal devotions every year as we approach the Holy Week of God’s Love for us. I share the words of the song for your devotions.

He bowed his head and died. He died.
For the sins of all, he died.
He bowed his head.
It is finished. Jesus died.

Verse 1:
No greater love, there’s no greater love,
Than to die for another’s sin.
Why, oh, why did he suffer and die?
It was for love that we might live.

Verse 2:
We all have sinned, we have gone astray.
We have turned, turned away from God.
So Jesus died, and he carried our sins.
It was for love to bring us back to God.

Verse 3:
Live for him, and give thanks to God.
Without Jesus, we are slaves of sin.
Thanks be to God for that life-giving blood.
It was for love to set us free.

He died, that we might live.
He died, to bring us back to God.
He died, to set us free.
It was for love, Jesus died.

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