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Heard Around the Village Council Table at the Last Meeting…..

by Sue Miklovic

Last week was the “Council of the Whole” meeting for NB Village Council, where committee reports are discussed and lots of questions are often asked. This meeting serves to provide information to the members, so they can determine if they will vote for action if it becomes an ordinance or some other type of legislation at the following (or a future) meeting.

Because many of the council members are so new to their positions, several of them had “No Reports” to discuss for their assigned committees that they chair. By the way, Council President Art Patterson did a great job chairing the COTW  meeting-his first since being selected to that position.

Topics getting the most comments and questions were: Water drainage and storm water, Snow removal, and Grant monies-both already planned and new opportunities.

It was announced the meeting for anyone wanting to use Village Ball fields this year, need to attend the meeting on February 27th at 6:00pm.

Ty Carles, chair of the Personnel, Policy, and Ordinance Review Committee reminded everyone to complete the Sunshine Law training. This needs to be completed once per term.

Below you will find an assortment of comments, along with who said it, from the meeting.

* “August 20th was the last time our EMS ‘missed’ a call” (Mayor Goldner)
* “We made  349 EMS runs last year and had mutual aid 2 times–not because we missed the call, but because we needed extra help for the number of injuries” (EMS Chief Phil Walter)
* “We are attending Wood County Economic Development luncheons at the NB Legion the third Thursday of every month. We have developed a better relationship with them than has existed in a long time (Allyson Murray and Mayor Goldner)
* “We have used 77 tons of salt since the first of December” (Doug Wickard)
* “Every storm can’t be treated the same” (Allyson Murray)
* “I just want our roads to be safe” (Aaron Patterson)
* “Thank you for not having “Side” conversations. You might be sharing something important while we are listening to whoever has the floor” (Mayor Goldner)
* “We still need someone  for the Planning Commission. Please volunteer” (Mayor Goldner)
* “We’re really fortunate that the people we have right now working for the village, really work well together. We haven’t always had that.” (Allyson Murray)

A reminder–the Village Council changed the time of their meetings to 5:30pm.

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