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Henry Township Trustees Minutes


The regular meeting of the Henry Township Trustees was called to order by Chairman Stewart with the following members responding to roll call:  Present:  Baltz, Stewart, Wymer.  Absent: none.

It was moved by Baltz seconded by Wymer to approve the minutes of the regular meeting of June 26, 2018 as presented.   Roll call:  Ayes:  Baltz, Stewart, Wymer.  Nays:  None.

Motion carried.

It was moved by Wymer seconded by Baltz to approve the Clerk’s Monthly Financial Report for June 2018 as presented.  Roll call:  Ayes:  Baltz, Stewart, Wymer.  Nays:  None.  Motion carried.

It was moved by Wymer seconded by Baltz that bills be approved for payment and checks issued for expenses totaling $ 21,855.48

Roll call:  Ayes:  Baltz, Stewart, Wymer.  Nays:  None.  Motion Carried.

 Guest Present – Kevin Bradford (B.Hillz Excavating), Paul Bergman (H.W. Bergman), Tom Allen (Gerken Paving), Steve Morris (The Shelly Co.), Joe Hagemyer (Vernon Nagel Inc.)

Old Business


New Business

It was moved by Wymer, seconded by Baltz to make the following appropriation changes:

$835 from 1000-930-930 to 1000-110-382

Roll call:  Ayes:  Baltz, Stewart, Wymer.  Nays:  None.  Motion carried.

Davis will be representing Henry Township at the summer WCTA meeting on 7/12/2018

Received the invoice for the new snowplow and will make payment once it has been delivered.  Township crew is taking dump truck to dealer for installation.

Stewart will contact local paving company and inquire about cost to grind Freyman Rd. east of bridge to Rudolph Rd. and Hammansburg Rd. from Rudolph Rd. to Insley.

County force account paperwork for Freyman Rd. was distributed.

Road Bid Opening for Rudolph Rd., Mitchell Rd., Needles Rd., and Oil Center Rd. ( see  info below)

There being no further action to come before the Board the meeting was adjourned upon motion.

Bid Sheet information:

Rudolph Rd
Henry Bergman $  678,798.80
Gerken Paving $  611,503.35
Helms & Son $  626,541.59
B.Hillz Excavating $  597,817.00
The Shelly Company $  579,036.75
Vernon Nagel Inc. $  692,323.50
Mitchell Rd
No bids received
Needles Rd
Gerken Paving $  224,654.75
Helms & Son $  264,521.05
Wards Construction $  252,098.00
The Shelly Company $  236,043.50
Oil Center Rd
The Shelly Company $  124,063.00
Wards Construction $  126,883.00
Helms & Son $  133,883.20
Gerkan Paving $  113,988.50

Submitted by Matt Davis, Henry Township Clerk

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