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March 28, 2023 2:24 pm

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Below is the nomination form for the North Baltimore High School Athletic Hall of Fame. The criteria and process are explained on the form, along with space provided to provide information for YOUR nominee.

Click HERE for the link to the current Hall of Fame on the website: 

North Baltimore High School Sports Hall of Fame Nomination FormName of nominee ________________________________________

NBHS Athletic Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Sport for which person is being nominated __________________________Year in which candidate received recognition _________________________Graduation year from NB _________________

Sports Hall of Fame qualifications are:

– No Team or Individual can qualify for the Hall of Fame until 5 years after high school graduation.

– Sport which being nominated for must have been a varsity recognized sport while attending NB.

1) Named to any All-State (1st, 2nd, Honorable Mention) while attending NB, if the candidate meets the above criteria, induction into the Hall of Fame is automatic. Otherwise candidate must be voted in based on the following criteria:

1) Outstanding performance during the course of an individual’s career.
2) Outstanding performance over the course of a season by a specific team.
3) Played professionally at the minimum of the minor leagues

Please explain how the nominee meets the above criteria: 



Voting Rules: – Voting members must be present at the Winter Athletic Council meeting to have their vote counted. – Voting members include: 2 Board Members on the Athletic Council, Superintendent, the Principal, and Athletic Director, and 4 coaches. – Nominees must receive 7/9 yes votes. If there are more coaches present nominees need 75% yes votes.

The council will vote in only two new members per year.

Exceptions may include:
– athletic teams and individual state placers (for example in 2015 a class had 4 seniors to earn state honors, all would be automatically inducted).

Candidates may be up for nomination a total of 4 times. Failing to receive induction after fourth attempt, candidate will no longer be eligible for induction.

The individual who nominated a candidate may attend the voting meeting and speak on the candidate’s behalf. It is suggested the person nominating the candidate be a former or current coach, teammate, and/or community member.

Copies of appropriate documentation/statistics must accompany the nomination form for the consideration of the Athletic Council.

Please provide any additional information that will assist the NB Athletic Council in the selection process for the Hall of Fame candidate (be specific with information). _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Additionally please provide any/all documentation that would assist in the selection of the candidate for the Hall of Fame: varsity letters, contracts, newspaper articles, etc.

Nominee’s address: _____________________________________________

Nominee’s phone number: ____________________________________

Nominated by & phone number:___________________________________

Return to North Baltimore High School Office by October 31st of each year.

Attention: Athletic Director