North Baltimore, Ohio

September 24, 2021 11:23 am


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Heroin Bust at NB Exit on I-75

Two Toledo men have been arrested in a bust that netted six kilograms of heroin.

WTOL 11 reports DEA agents arrested Ricardo Rivera, 40, and Andres Mendez, 25, after stopping a car driven by Mendez near North Baltimore. Officers discovered six kilograms of heroin in the car, which has a street value of around $3 million.

Both Mendez and Rivera have been charged with distribution of heroin.

Here is the complete story as reported by WTOL: Officials Arrest Two In Huge Drug Bust

According to The Blade in Toledo, “agents say they then followed the vehicle (from Toledo), pulling it over in a traffic stop on I-75 at North Baltimore” (Exit 167).

Here is the complete story as reported by the Toledo Blade: Heroin-seizure-a-city-record

It does not appear that the heroin’s final destination was North Baltimore, with the bust going down in a random fashion, when the opportunity presented itself, for the traffic stop.

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