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High School Principal’s Report to the Board of Education from Last Night’s Meeting

Principal’s Report to the Board of Education

April 26, 2016

Dr. Falkenstein


State AIR Testing is over halfway completed.  Our technology is working great, staff members have embraced their role in proctoring, and students are exceeding expectations.


Our ACT scores are skyrocketing!  With the implementation of College Readiness I and II, we are seeing direct benefits for students.  We had students raise their original scores by 5 points in less than one year.  The tracking being done by Miss Huffman assigns an estimated score based on practice tests.  Those scores were within 1 point of actual scores!  This ultimately opens college access even wider and provides much needed scholarship money for families.


Spring sports are turning the final corner of their seasons.  Tournament schedules will be announced via social media and text alerts.


Thanks for Jonathon Patterson, we have new rules for who gets to sit at our outdoor picnic tables during lunch!  He gave a stellar presentation to me about making a few changes.


April 14 at 6:30: 21st Annual Wood County ESC Recognition Banquet at Penta Career Center.  Tyler Stimmel chose Mr. Pack.  Kylie Hiser selected Miss Lauer.


May 4: Safety Awareness Assembly for juniors and seniors in the morning.  SRO Slane is preparing the entire event, which will take place while Grades 9-10 are testing.  We are having the Ohio State Patrol, Wood County Presecutor’s Office, and North Baltimore Police Chief Baer coming to speak about making good choices and the consequences of making poor choices.  We will also offer a simulator for students to experience that makes them experience impaired driving.


May 5 at 7:00: Academic Honors Night.  Thank you North Baltimore American Legion and Ladies Auxiliary for financial support of the entire program!


May 7 at 6:00-11:00: Prom at Stacy’s Place in Fostoria

May 12 at 1:45: Senior Awards Ceremony

May 14: Middle School Dance with 6th graders invited to attend

May 17-19: Penta Senior Recognition Ceremonies.  We will have NB

administrative representation at all 6 ceremonies.

May 18 at 5-8: McDonalds fundraiser for DC trip

May 18 at 7:00: Baccalaureate Service at Good Shepherd Church

May 22 at 3:00: Fine Arts Awards

May 23: NB Senior Exams

May 23 at 7:00: Baseball/Softball Awards Night

May 24: NB Seniors Last Day for Rehearsal and Picnic

May 24 at 7:00: Track Awards Night

May 26: Penta Last Day

May 26-27: NB Exams for non-seniors

May 27: NB Last Day for non-seniors

May 29 at 2:00: Commencement

May 31: Teacher’s last day



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