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How to Submit Summer Ball Results to NBXpress

Would you, coach, or a parent or grandparent, be able to summarize the kid’s baseball and/or softball games this summer?

If you take a look at the summaries that we post from/for the high school, you will see how to better submit the results that we, as a VERY limited staff, can handle.

We also would love post your team schedule, photo and roster if you email: Keep in mind we get many submissions, we work as quickly as we can and try very hard not to lose track of anyone’s stuff!

As far as submitting, we need the date, the score, the opponent, where the game was played, how many innings were played, and the record for each team if available. Your next couple of games scheduled are good too.

You can summarize the game by a basic list of who got hits, walks, rbis, runs scored, etc. List the pitchers and their K’s, walks, runs allowed, etc. Doesn’t have to be fancy.

If you want to include notes or key plays, that is great. We will edit and fix up anything that you send.

We would love to be able to dig into the stats you sent, but it is not practical for us, as we have no staff, just me and the wife. So we appreciate anything you could do to break down all those numbers… And, we would love to be able to get by a get some shots of your ball games. Again, we have a VERY limited staff… So you can send photos via email, or we may sometimes snag photos off of Facebook, if you don’t mind.

Together we can give these kids a little bit of props and kudos for their efforts, with their name in “the paper” and maybe even a photo!

Thanks again for submitting and we hope you are able to find someone to help with write ups!

We are open to suggestions, comments and concerns!

JP and Sue Miklovic

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