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How to Wash Your Car by Hand

While washing your car may seem straightforward, there are a lot of aspects you can improve upon. Here’s how to wash your car by hand most effectively.

Whether you consider your car as an investment or as precious to you as one of your children, everyone knows that taking the time and effort to handwash your car is the key to preserving its appearance by keeping the paint looking glossy and fresh. While washing your car seems like a simple task, typical car owners tend to make a few mistakes when washing their vehicles. To protect your baby to the best of your ability, let us teach you how to wash your car by hand.

The Right Tools

When washing your car, you’ve probably opted to simply use a hose, soap bucket, and rag. While this isn’t a terrible way to go about it, per se, there are much better tools you should use. For instance, a common but misguided piece of advice is that you can use dish soap to wash your car. You should really endeavor to use soap tailored toward cars, as dish soap will remove protective coatings like wax and other detailing from your vehicle’s paint. Furthermore, to ensure that the rag or towel you’re using isn’t abrasive or dirty, you should invest in a wash mitt that treats your car with the utmost care—preventing you from accidentally scratching its exterior.

Focus On the Wheels

Wheels are often major problem spots. They have plenty of nooks and crannies for dirt and debris to build up in and potentially cause complications, such as rust and corrosion. Remember that your wheels often experience the most wear and tear as they endure road conditions. Giving your wheels adequate attention will extend their lifespan and ensure no costly complications arise from decay.

Avoiding Water Spots

When you’re learning how to wash your car by hand, one of the most common mistakes you can make is to wash your car in the sun and then let it air-dry. If your car is resting under the beating sun while you wash it, you’ll notice that the water and soap dry up quickly and leave behind stains and marks that ruin its appearance. This is the same reason you don’t want your car to air-dry. Instead, dry your car by hand in the shade with a towel or cloth—preferably one made from the same materials as the wash mitt you used to wash your car.

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