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I-75 Closure Coming Over Blanchard River

For one night only, no access to Findlay exits possible from southbound direction

LIMA (September 19, 2017) – The following impacts to traffic related to the reconstruction and widening of Interstate 75 through Findlay and Hancock County are occurring or scheduled to occur in the coming weeks:

Interstate 75

Interstate 75 both northbound and southbound from south of the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange to county Road 313 continues to be reduced to one lane through the work for construction of bridge piers for the future flyover ramp at the interchange.

  • The restriction is in place from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. each night and is expected to continue for approximately two weeks.

The Interstate 75 northbound lanes from the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange to county Road 99 have been shifted to the right onto the outside shoulder.

  • Two lanes of traffic are maintained during daytime hours. Some nighttime lane closures will continue.
  • The legal speed through the work zone is reduced when workers are present.
  • Speed limits are displayed via electronic message boards which display the legal, posted speed through the zone.

I-75 southbound from just south of the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange to county Road 99 is operating in a contraflow traffic pattern. One lane of southbound traffic is traveling on the northbound side of the interstate, separated by barrier wall, at various locations through the zone

·       On October 2 beginning at 9 p.m. until 7 a.m. October 3, the far right, southbound lane of Interstate 75 will be closed during setting of bridge beams over the Blanchard River, just south of U.S. 224.

·       This operation is expected to require only one night to complete.

·       During this time, all Interstate 75 southbound traffic beginning just north of county Road 99 will be crossed over into the southbound lane on the northbound side.

·       No access to the city of Findlay from Interstate 75 southbound will be possible at county Road 99, U.S. 224 or state Route 12 (state Route 12 southbound ramps are currently closed for reconstruction).

·       Access to all Findlay exits will be available from Interstate 75 northbound. Traffic wishing to access county Road 99 will be detoured to the state Route 613 interchange to Interstate 75 southbound. Traffic wishing to access all other Findlay exits will be detoured to the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange to Interstate 75 northbound.

U.S. 68/State Route 15 Interchange with Interstate 75

The exit ramp from I-75 northbound to U.S. 68/state Route 15 (exit 156)closed June 19 for approximately three years.

  • Traffic is detoured north to the U.S. 224 interchange to Interstate 75 southbound back to U.S. 68/state Route 15. (See map)

State Route 12 interchange with Interstate 75

The Interstate 75 southbound entrance and exit ramps at state Route 12 (exit 157)closed September 5 for approximately one month for drainage installation and ramp reconstruction.

  • Traffic on state Route 12 wishing to access Interstate 75 southbound is detoured onto Interstate 75 northbound to U.S. 224 back to Interstate 75 southbound.
  • Traffic on Interstate 75 southbound wishing to access state Route 12 will continue south on Interstate 75 to U.S. 68/state Route 15 (south and east) to Interstate 75 northbound back to state Route 12 (See map).

Related Construction

River Road and Howard Street

  • River Road and Howard Street, north and south of the Blanchard River beneath Interstate 75, are closed periodically as needed through late fall during reconstruction of the bridge carrying Interstate 75 over the Blanchard River.
  • Access to all residences and businesses will be maintained.

Harrison Street over Interstate 75

  • Harrison Street over Interstate 75 closed May 15 for approximately nine months for reconstruction. Traffic on Interstate 75 in the area of Harrison Street will be restricted to one lane at times for work related to the reconstruction of the bridge.
  • Setting of bridge beams for the new bridge has been completed. Work to construct the deck for the driving surface is now under way.
  • Access to the Oakwoods Nature Preserve during the closure of the Harrison Street overpass will be available at all times during construction by accessing county Road 144 from the north via Sandusky Street.

Service road construction

Construction of a service road off Lima Avenue connecting to Lake Cascades north of the U.S. 68/state Route 15 interchange is under way.

  • The vast majority of the construction is expected to be complete this fall.
  • Final tie-in to Lima Avenue will occur in the third and final year of construction in 2020.

Noise wall construction

Construction of noise walls in designated areas is expected to occur over the winter.

  • Work is expected to begin in the south end of the project area and proceed to the north.
  • Construction of all noise walls is expected to be completed in July 2018.

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