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September 22, 2021 5:32 pm


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I-75 & Route 6 is Ohio’s First Slide-In Bridge Construction Project

I-75 & Route 6 is Ohio’s First Slide-In Bridge Construction Project

Project Details – Over the weekend of October 9 through October 12, ODOT will slide in the southbound Interstate 75 bridge over U.S. Route 6. Following bridge demolition, the new bridge will slide into place at an average rate of approximately 8 feet per hour.

Interstate 75 Widening Project – Cost: $71.1 Million

Cost of Interstate 75 Bridges over US 6: $7.8 Million (Contractor: Kokosing Construction Company Inc.).

This fall, the Ohio Department of Transpiration will aim to do something that has never been done before in the history of the State of Ohio: remove and replace an interstate bridge over the course of a weekend.

Known as Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC), this amazing engineering feat will take place on the two Interstate 75 bridges over U.S. Route 6. The method that will be utilized by the contractor will roll the bridge into place and is referred to as a “Slide-in” bridge or a “lateral slide.” This method is increasingly being used for replacing bridges with minimal traffic disruption. Eight states, including Pennsylvania, Michigan and Indiana, have established the method among their officially
endorsed construction practices.

Through the Every Day Counts initiative, state highway agencies are working with the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) to implement and develop ABC techniques in the State of Ohio. With approximately 25% of the Nation’s 607,380 bridges requiring rehabilitation, repair, or total replacement, ABC offers a cost-effective method to rapidly replace an existing bridge while reducing impacts to mobility and safety.

How it works:
The new bridge structure is built on temporary supports adjacent to the existing bridge.  Once the new bridge is constructed, the existing bridge structure is demolished or slid to a staging area for demolition, and the new bridge is slid into its final, permanent location.  Once in place, the roadway approach tie-ins to the bridge are constructed.

Enhanced safety
Shortened on-site construction time
Reduced mobility impacts
Potentially reduced project costs
Improved quality
Improved constructability

For more information

This is a time lapse video of the demolition and installation of a new bridge, known as “accelerated bridge construction” or ABC for short. The Manderfield bridge is located North of Beaver, Utah on I-15.



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  1. This was postponed until next weekend October 16 17 18th (Editor’s Note: this is an UNOFFICIAL notice from a reader employed with ODOT)

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