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I Am Thankful For…

The following are all submissions from Powell Elementary (North Baltimore) 4th graders.

I am so very thankful for doctors because they save lives and are trying to cure cancer—which no one likes! Cancer is a very bad sickness. Doctors also helped me when I had a concussion. That is when your brain bounces all over the place. Doctors help everyone in my family.     ~Jonah


Of all the things on the earth, the most interesting thing to me is books. I am thankful for books. They can take you to a new place. If you are having a long day, books help pass a lot of time. You can learn from books and books can tell a very interesting story. I’m thankful for lots of things, but books are what I am most thankful for.                   ~Jesse


I love sports! I am thankful for sports because you get to learn to play new sports. You can play with your friends and make new friends. You can travel to new places. You can have lots of fun.           ~Josiah


I am grateful that I live in America. We are united and free. Also, we are provided everything we need. Plus we have fair laws and fun stuff to do. Last but not least, we can sell stuff to other countries. America is awesome!         ~David


What I’m thankful for is my brother. He is kind and helpful. He is also really funny and silly. And he keeps me safe when I am scared. He is always there for me when I am sick or upset. Thank you, God, for creating my brother.  ~Attlee


Friends are the best people in the world. They help me when I need help. They help me spell words and check my planner. They play with me when I’m bored. They answer my questions and they are the best to work and play with!    ~Kamryn


I am thankful for my family. They provide food and let me have fun. They help me and take care of me. They keep me safe. I am so thankful for my family.    ~Ian


I am thankful for my teachers. They teach me reading and math and all the other subjects. They let us do fun things in class. We have rewards at the end of the month. They allow us to use special school property like our Chromebooks. We even got free supplies for the whole school year. I thank my teachers for helping me learn more.                   ~Jack


My PS4 is what I am thankful for. You can play with your friends and get the latest games. You can buy accessories like controllers. And you can put stickers on them. There are so many designs. I wouldn’t know what to play with if the PS4 hadn’t come out.              ~Isaiah


Thank goodness for movies! I’m thankful for movies because you can spend time with your family. They are entertaining. They have snacks. I’m thankful for movies.  ~Liam


I’m thankful for baseball. It is fun and you can learn from it. It is easy to play and you can hang out with your friends. And it is a workout. It is fun to play different positions and to play on the field.            Baseball is fun!     ~Trevor


I am thankful for my teachers. They help us in many different ways. They teach us to make us smart and they teach us so we learn the stuff we need to know. They play with us to get our energy out of us. They teach us about respect because they want us to understand that we need to learn things and not mess around. They encourage us because we might want to do things someday. They want us to learn what we need to know so we don’t forget. Thank you to my teachers.   ~Raelynn


I am thankful for my dog that I take for walks. She goes right to sleep when she gets home. When she wakes up I take her outside to go to the bathroom. Then I let her in and I feed her. Then when I go to bed I sleep with her and cuddle with her. She gets really heavy when I try to hold her. She is a really, really good dog.    ~Rylee


I am very thankful for my guinea pigs. They make me happy when I am sad. They are cute. When they are cold they do popcorning. Sometimes they squeak loud and sometimes quiet. I hope they live for a long time!          ~Lilly


Thanks for stores. They are in most towns. It makes it easier to get food. It has healthy things like apples and fruit. It doesn’t cost a lot of money. I am thankful for stores.                  ~Gabe


I am thankful for freedom. If we didn’t have freedom we would be getting bossed around. We have rights like no other countries. We can live our lives how we want. I am thankful for our freedom.           ~Carter



I am so thankful for nature. It helps grow and make food for us. It has many beautiful animals. Nature gives us air to breathe. It makes hills and trees for us to have fun on. It creates strong thick trees for us to build houses with. There are so many great things in nature. We should all be thankful for them.      ~ Renelee


I’m happy and thankful for my family. They do what they can to help me. They keep me healthy. They buy houses for shelter. They buy beds for sleeping. They buy healthy foods for me. I love my family because they do a lot of things for me.    ~Noah


I am thankful for my friends. They are fun to play with. I like messing around with them because they are funny. I like to talk to them and we know how each other feels. They like doing what I like to do and I do what they like to do. Me and my friends invite each other to Thanksgiving dinner.   ~Gabe


I am very thankful for clothes so I can walk around and not get bullied. I can walk in buildings. I am a person who looks nice. Then I can go to a friend’s house. These are reasons why I am thankful for clothes. ~Zander


Schools are what I am thankful for. We learn at school. We learn how to respect and be responsible. We learn how to be quiet and learn lots of new things. I do not know what I would do without schools in the community.  ~Delia


I am really thankful for my house. If a storm happens I can go in there so I don’t get rained on. If we cook something we have somewhere to eat. I’m grateful for my house so I have somewhere to live forever. If I lock the door I can’t get kidnapped. I am thankful for my house.     ~Makayla


I’m thankful for flowers and herbs. They make Mother Nature happy for a reason. Some herbs help people who are sick or injured. They help people that have anger and seek peace. They help people that want to watch hummingbirds for a hobby or they can make a living. They make it lovely for fun. It is just a blessing from Mother Nature. It a city like New York you can put plants in your apartment. People love herbs and flowers. I can’t think of a world without them. I am thankful that they grow in this world.             ~Riley


I’m so thankful for my school because so I can learn new things and get smarter. I learn how to behave too. That is why I’m thankful for my school.         ~Amelia


I am thankful for Uncle Nusa. He plays with me and we have fun. I love him very much. He makes me happy. We have fun. He is my favorite.    ~Earl


I am thankful for math. I study at home and school and on the bus. I got a good grade on my math test. I am thankful to learn math in math class.   ~Linda


I’m grateful for the military because my uncle was in it. He did a war. He made a sacrifice. I’m glad for the military.      ~Justin


I am thankful for presidents. They run a country and they manage it. They make new laws and ban things. They come up with new things like build ports and forts. Everybody should be thankful for presidents whether they like them or not.       ~Jacob


I am grateful to live in America. We have great events such as Christmas, Halloween and other fantastic events. We have freedom to do anything without limits. So many kind-hearted people donate to charity and help the homeless. There are unique places like Cedar Pont and there are doctors to help us out! All the things of America are unlimited. What are you thankful for?             ~Michael


I am thankful for food so we don’t starve. We need to try new things. You get grumpy when you do not have food. You need protein and get hydrated. You need to eat so you don’t get sick. ~Morgan


I am thankful for the dentist because they clean our teeth. Without them they would be dirty and rot. We need to eat and drink with our teeth and we need a white smile. They clean, pull out, and floss my teeth because my adult teeth will be coming. That is why I am thankful for the dentist! ~Ryder


Thank you for veterans. We need them or we wouldn’t have had people to serve our country. I am glad for them because they care about our country. They can show you how to shoot a gun and get you in shape. Are you thankful for veterans?      ~Donie


I am thankful for my family because they take care of me. They provide food and give me gifts and play with me. They help me with my homework and they have sleepovers. They give me privileges. I am thankful that they love me.          ~Eli


I am grateful for Earth because it gives us what we need. It gives me water and we need water to live. I hope you are thankful for Earth too.  ~Kayden

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