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Impounded Pinewood Derby Cars

Attention former Cub Scouts! Every year all Pinewood Derby cars are impounded after the Pack Derby in case the owner/driver would be called up to represent Pack 372 at the District Derby. 

After the District Derby all cars are available to be taken out of impound, this is usually done at any Pack events following the District Derby.  Some owners, over the last several years, have not picked up their impounded cars.

Please take a look at the following pictures to see if you recognize any of these forgotten cars.  If you do recognize one or more please contact Eric Trout at 419-262-3967 or [email protected].  Don’t worry there is no storage cost on these impounded vehicles. We just want to get them back to their owners.

Unclaimed Derby Cars
More Unclaimed Derby Cars
Still More Unclaimed Derby Cars

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