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It’s EARTH Day. Want to help save the planet?

Want to help save the planet? Start with small changes in your home!
Celebrate Earth Day

Here are 5 ways you can make your home a greener place to be:

  • Switch to LED lights. Making the switch to LED light bulbs can help you save major energy.
  • Fix leaks. Water is a precious resource-don’t waste it! Check your toilet, sink, and garden hose for leaks.
  • Plant a garden. Planting a garden is a fun and beautiful way to add nature to your home. Just be sure to only plant native and adapted plants.
  • Seal gaps. Seal any gaps around your windows and doors to prevent energy loss, reduce your energy costs, and help save the earth.
  • Replace paper towels. Cutting out your paper towel usage can make a huge environmental difference. Try using washable cloths instead!

Submitted by:

Leisa Zeigler, Realtor

ERA Geyer Noakes Realty Group


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