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It’s Kick off Time!

Submitted by Jennifer Vanlerberg

You thought this was going to be a football article, right?

Well, nope. Cub Scout Pack #372 is kicking off their annual popcorn fundraiser this week. If you still were hoping for something football related, how would you like to show up at the Ohio State Buckeyes tailgate party sporting a huge, shiny, OSU tin filled with five different sweet popcorn flavors? You would be a hit, right? Well, you are in luck. That is one of our items for sale. There are actually two buckeye tins available, and the other is filled with delicious caramel with sea salt, with a Brutus tin that you can keep forever.

Prices range from ten dollars to fifty, so you can support our cubs at any level, from plain microwave to our multi flavor extravaganzas. If you are a spicy person, there is jalapeño. If you are more of a mild, sweet loving person, I suggest the “Mud Puddles” which is a magic combination of buttery caramel, peanuts, and fudge.

Popcorn makes wonderful Christmas or hostess gifts and if you stop at our library and check out a movie, all you need to do is add popcorn and bam! Instant slumber party. Over 70% of the money made goes directly back to scouting. If you don’t know of a Cub near you, please contact Cub Master, Eric Trout at Sale runs from now until October 29th!

One thought on “It’s Kick off Time!”

  1. The OSU caramel and sea salt is my favorite! Mud Puddles is a very close second. They are very good! If anyone knows a Cub Scout, you need to seek them out and buy some.

    Don’t forget us Jen!

    Mark Povenmire

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